Post Surgery, Mastectomy and Reconstruction Bras

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Hey All!

I wanted to share a wonderful lady I had an appointment with today, her name is Genevieve Gort and her business is Breast Care Victoria & Surgical Garments, she is a Registered Nurse but now does bra fittings for Breast Cancer Women. She works in a studio at home in Port Melbourne. I have to say it was such a wonderful experience to get out of this stupid Amoena Bra!!! and into a much better post surgery bra! she liaises with Surgeons and Plastics Nurses to try and get this different compression surgical bra in place. It zips up at the front with hooks and eyes on the shoulders. I purchased about 3 other types, they have NO underwire, 1 cream, 1 black and a Rose Coloured one, very feminine looking. They ranged from $78-$90 each, but so worth it! My health fund also paid a benefit of up to 4 garments per year up to $150, so I was out of pocket approx $160 for 4. They are so comfortable and I feel so much better! She is extremely lovely, and loves her job!! So I highly recommend this lady in Melbourne for post surgery, mastectomy and or reconstruction Bras! She has a web site but needs to be upgraded. 


Melinda xo 


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    She sounds wonderful @melclarity! It's amazing some of the lovely people we encounter on this BC 'journey' isn't it? x
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    @nikkid she was referred to me from the Plastics Nurse at Royal Melbourne Hospital, so many good recommendations. Now I dont have to muddle through with Bras that are ill fitting!!! and are specific for Mastectomy/reconstruction. This is the Cream and Black ones x
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    Oh they really are lovely. 
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    She's amazing Kath, she even does appointments via Skype!!! gets clients to measure she posts out some then Skype again and she does a fitting like that. Just incredible! x
  • nikkidnikkid Member Posts: 1,623
    They're gorgeous 
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    Oh so modern way via Skype, who'd thought!  Nothing like a good fitting bra to lift your spirits!
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    I second everything @melclarity says about Genevieve Gort. As well as a lovely manner, she provides super helpful tips and has a solid understanding how medical insurance companies work. Highly recommended!
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    Thanks so much Melinda. It's so helpful. 
    I've just joined the online forum and already feel such a strong sense of solidarity. 
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    Got any picks of the bras?
  • RubyRumbleRubyRumble Member Posts: 39
    @melclarity sorry just saw the pics above.
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,391
    @RubyRumble what I love about them is the support, and just so comfy, so much better than I ever used to wear! :) I have a skin tone one too which is like a tshirt bra. x
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