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A friend of mine has just been told that she will be needing 4 perjeta infusions starting next week at the staggering cost of over $9,000.She is going through the private system. A quick question, if she went "public" would this cost be covered by the hospital?
Thanks in advance .


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    Hi @poddlejules,
    I've just recently finished chemo and 4 perjeta infusions over 12 weeks. I'm going through the public system and had to pay the $9000 for perjeta. 
    A lot of money, I was lucky enough to get some help from my family to cover costs. I had a mastectomy  and lymph nodes out for testing 2 weeks ago. My pathology results were all clear. No cancer present. Specialists saying largely due to the perjeta. 
    Perjeta is free to people who have a reacurrance, but they are trying to have it available for newly diagnosed people. 
    Hope this helps. Xo

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    Thanks @Smileyfrog wonderful news for you ,
  • poodlejulespoodlejules Member Posts: 157
    @Smileyfrog .......oops the rest of my comment didn't post. Also added thanks for the info and I'll pass it on. Awful that you had to find all those $$$$ when you're feeling so overwhelmed ! God bless families! Good luck with everything down the track xo
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    Hi @poddlejules, I just found out today that my amazing oncologist has managed to swing six free cycles of perjeta for me - $15k worth. I know she was going down a few avenues including the drug company's hardship scheme and my insurance company. I'm being treated privately.

    My situation might be a bit unique - can't have AC chemo due to childhood cancer treatment and my cancer is grade 3 node positive - but maybe your friend could ask her treatment team about what additional assistance is available.

    Hope this helps.
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    Oh wow
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    Hi @poddlejules

    This is Kathy from BCNA's Policy Team. I have seen your questions about paying for Perjeta. Unfortunately Perjeta is only listed on the PBS as a first line treatment - that means only for women newly diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. If you have already had other treatments for metastatic disease, you are not eligible for Perjeta through the PBS. So you would be paying for it whether you are in the private or public health setting.

    As @Dogstar did, you could talk to your medical oncologist about approaching the drug company, Roche, for access to it on compassionate grounds (ie free). They may consider this for you, especially if you have already paid for some treatments with it and it is found to be helping you.

    Best wishes


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