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Post chemo and in the middle of my hormone treatments my skin has fast forwarded all the skin cancers I might have had detected when I was older. I am a fair skinned, freckled, red head so you know the skin type. I can burn within 5 minutes in the sun especially now I am on this skin drying Tamoxifen.
The other day I thought my doctor should check my dry scabs and dark spots and he went crazy with the nitrogen spray, freezing 10 spots on my hands, forearms and neck and 7 on my face, mostly around my nose which as a kid was always red and sunburned.
Most of the blisters have gone down or burst now except for one on my lymph node cleared hand. I hope it heals ok with no dramas. 
Next week he is going to biopsy a dark spot on the back of my leg on the calf which looks bigger, darker and different to my other freckles. I don't imagine is will turn out to be nasty as other doctors through the years haven't flagged it as serious on inspection.
The other spot he wants to biopsy is on my lymph node cleared forearm as its a tiny jet black spot which on first look you would think was a black head but on closer inspection, it isn't.
My question is, will the surgery be ok on the lymphodema arm or should I go on antibiotics or something? I probably won't be able to get a compression sleeve on after he operates.


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    Hi Brenda, 

    With looking after your operated arm (the healing hand blister and the upcoming forearm biopsy) I'm not sure of the protective measures. 

    Nevertheless people here may know of some recommended care when an arm has had lymph surgery and needs a little more surgery.

    I have arm lymphoedema for ages so I have yearly skin checks with all staying steady. If I needed a skin biopsy, even though it's not big surgery I guess I would phone my lymphoedema physio to find out the latest for looking after my arm.

    I'm a good healer but figure I may as well have all the bells and whistles to take the pressure off the lymph vessels!

    Best wishes with finding the info and for good outcomes and healing! Jenny xx

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    I just kept up with my arm exercises and lymph massage. I had a skin biopsy and stitches yesterday on the same arm and the back of my leg. I must be immune to needles since my chemo as it didn't even hurt.
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    Gee its really two years since the whole skin saga? Bad news, the freezy spray ones are back. I am having a biopsy of a couple in a fortnight and we'll go from there. It's not like I have even been out in the sun without long sleeves and hat and sunscreen. Maybe its a menopause thing? Be nice when its all done and I can once again put it behind me.
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    I had a couple frozen last week and one cut off my (lymphodema) arm. So far so good with the chunky one but it's an ongoing saga. I look like a patchwork quilt.

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    My skin specialist says that the dry keratosis ones will always keep popping out . Just had one frozen off my lower lip, thought it would be a big ouch but wasn't too bad  ;)
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    I had another one chopped out of my right arm (just above the big wrist knuckle) - the 2nd one in 2-3 years.  This one was weird tho - I first noticed it about a month ago when it was the normal 'dark colour' with a bit of a hole in the middle ..... then next time I looked for it - it had disappeared!!  I had to wait for it to 'come back' before I could even show it to the GP!! 

    It came back last week, so he chopped it out & got the all clear - a squamous thingy.  I get the stitches out on Wed.

    All the best for the biopsies, Brenda - fingers & toes crossed all is clear xx