Has anyone been on a trial ?

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I have been offered to go on a trial for a new drug. I will be going tomorrow.
Part of me is saying hey this is good finding more cures for cancer. The other part of me is saying noooo no more blood tests checks mirs etc. 
I try to pretend cancer never  happened to me. Well guess what it did. I feel if I can help anyone and even myself beat this disease I should. The other part of me wants to be left alone and just enjoy life. After a full year of treatment no more. Guess I will do the trial.



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    Go for it, @fairydust. I participated in a trial at Peter Mac when I was having one of my surgeries. It was a positive experience. I felt well treated and the extra attention wasn't a bad thing at that time.
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    Agree go for it!  You will be in the best of hands and monitored constantly
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    My niece was on the Herceptin trial...how lucky was she...10 positive nodes and 14 years still cancer free. Be fabulous if you ended up on the new miracle drug like herceptin. Hope all goes well...but so get being over it all.
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    I had mastectomy left breast this year February was odffered a trial study and I said yes my surgery was no drainage things but instead a powder to help with fluid and it helped was more comfortable than the drainage things as my surgeon dr liang robina hospital dont use drainage plugs things shes excellent at her work clean scaring not messy going to see about other breast and reconstruction
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    @fairydust You know what? after 6yrs personally and been through it twice, I absolutely hear you!!! You have EVERY right to feel its enough, the thought of another year and especially as youve just finished a tumultuous year already. It does get overwhelming, and I'm certain every single one of us on here feel that at some point or another. So just wanted to say I get it! I think the flip side of how I've gotten through when too feeling that way is I just broke it down and didnt look at the whole thing. Its the only way I could have tackled my path. I think once we vent, get it all out and not hold onto it, we're able to think through it better. I know I did, and then I'd be calm enough to tackle the next thing. 

    Biggest thing I learnt the past 6yrs is,  all of the treatments I could not have done it for anyone else....if I could not do it for me alone.  It had to be for me and because I wanted it. Thats where my drive and determination came from..because it was about me nobody else...so I send you a big hug and just say to be kind to you and acknowledge how you feel knowing its OK and then you will tackle it no worries I believe. Hugs Melinda xo
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    @Nannatash thanks for replying. Good luck in further treatment. We are all in this together. I know you will heal  and life will be better.