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got my genetic testing back today and a bit confused. Was told that I was negative for BRCA 1 and 2 which I'm happy about but they say that my PTEN gene is slightly faulty and of doubtful significance. I realise it is great for my familial stuff and they recommend routine testing  annually for my girls which we do with mammograms anyway but I was wondering after having a tnbc what other types of routine testing I should have. Is a routine mam all that the s required for me?



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    I had tnbc and brca negative. As i had mastectomies i dont have mamograms but my oncologist does order the occasional blood test. I dont think other tests are routinely ordered unless you have symptoms that need to be investigated. Best wishes Anne
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    Hi Kath, thank you for your post. It would be best to check with your treating specialist who manages your follow-up care to understand what these results mean for you and your family. They should be able to let you know what sorts of follow up testing (e.g. mammogram) you need.
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    Hi Kath. These are the new guidelines which came out last year. It just helps to realise our oncologists and surgeons are following current guidelines.

    Kath x
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