12 Days Post Mastectomy and Diep Flap Reconstruction and 3 weeks off Arimidex

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Hey Ladies!!!!

Thought Id put out a post as am 12 days now post surgery and you all know how horrendous the whole thing was...BUT I am happy to say that I am amazed at how I am now healing. Im sleeping about 4hrs then up, but thats ok. The pain has subsided dramatically, I take Panadol Osteo and Nurofen every 8hrs now which is amazing! Im moving around slowly, I'm nearly standing straight already, the back pain has disappeared nearly to a small ache if I stand to long. PROGRESS OMG!!! My wounds have healed so much already its absolutely mind blowing. My daughter came to see me today and could not believe the change. I am really on the road to recovery and whats more, I can see how my Boob will finally look and really??? Im pleasantly surprised, I dont feel the angst that I did previously at all. So to anyone out there about to face this its good to know I turned around really quickly from what seemed to last an eternity.

The other thing is I am now 3 weeks off Arimidex and keeping a journal as Oncologist asked, and have noticed I HAVE NO LEG PAIN, HEEL PAIN OR TOE PAIN. I don't have stiffness and pain when I get out of bed in the morning, Im shocked! but also so glad to see alot of my symptoms have been Arimidex. So I have to restart at 6 weeks and then see him to discuss. 

Hugs to all! for a great day! 

Melinda xo


  • Afraser
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    Good news! Hope it all continues to improve well.
  • Deanne
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    So good to hear the improvements for you!

    I found that my aches and pains and stiffness disappeared almost instantly when I stopped Femara for 3 weeks last year. My situation (from Femara) has improved with time and while it still annoys me sometimes, I have found many things that help it. Will be interesting to see what your oncologist suggests for you.

    Hope things keep improving for you! xxx
  • Molly001
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    So happy for you Melinda. So many great things going on for you. You're one tough chick.
  • rowdy
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    Great to hear you are on the road to recovery, sending you a hug xx
  • primek
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    Yeah to less pain and gaining strength. You are amazing. 
  • nikkid
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    That's fantastic to read Mel - especially as I'm now only 18 days out from having my DIEP. Your words are inspiring me too!
    Nikki xx
  • melclarity
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    Thanks ladies, I think these highs and positives are so important after the lows! Nikki im honestly managing so well now I have confidence now. You really will do great! Hugs
  • Amazonia
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    Great news Melinda. 
    Congratulations and onward and upward..
  • mum2jj
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    Great news.  It can seem like such a terrible thing when you are in all that pain and can't move, then suddenly it gets better.... amazing isn't it.  I have often likened my reconstruction to childbirth.  I knew it was going to hurt, but I needed to go through it to get something I wanted in the end.  Then afterwards the further away I got form the pain, the less I remembered it.  Big hugs,  you are doing great.
    Paula xx
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    So great to hear that you are doing well Melinda. Best wishes.