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Hi there,My mum was diagnosed in 2015 with metastatic breast cancer which progressed to her bones also.Her most recent tests showed an increased cancer count from 30 to 100. Can anyone advise me on what this means, is it very bad news or does this happen occasionally?Thank you


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    Cancer markers tend to go up and down during and after treatment. While it may seem to indicate bad news, it doesn't necessarily mean the worst as lots of factors can affect the reading. Her oncologist is the person to talk to about it and with ongoing scans they will be able to evaluate your mum's situation more accurately. Try not to worry too much, not easy I know.  <3
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    HI there @StephanieSharpe - thought I would add some info and personal experience from my secondary breast cancer. 

    I was diagnosed with secondary bc in September 2015 (just like your Mum) with bony mets (I was diagnosed with early bc in 2003 with a recurrence in 2007). 

    In the last 15 months, my "tumour markers" have fluctuated a fair bit. From a high in January 2016 of around 900 to a drop post radiotherapy and targeted hormone treatment (exemestane & everomilus) in addition to bone strengthening injections (denomosaub) bi-monthly it dipped to a "low" of 65. Two months later it had gone up to the 70's and three months later it had doubled & was sitting at 142.

    I was quite concerned at first as I was sitting in my oncologist's office and we were looking at the blood results on the screen but everything else was "in the black" (good results).

    My oncologist said she looks at this from a wholistic view point - how I feel, how I look, amount of pain I am in, weight gain (good for me as I was around 35 kilos last March).

    I go back and see my oncologist in 2 weeks time so the blood tests I had this week will hopefully reveal good news.

    As Annie said, the best person to talk about this is your Mum's oncologist as she is the one that is treating her directly.

    My best wishes to you both.

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    Thank you both for your responses ❤