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Thursday I had my breast surgeon review and we planned my changeover from tissue expanders. Currently I have teardrop shaped tissue expanders in but the  surgeon feels I would be better with round implants . ..the teardrop ones have given me quite a square appearance as having previous biggish boobs I have quite a bit of side fat that once upon a time was dragged forward. I have a narrow chest so they sit a little wide I think too. He also needs to adjust one of the pockets so I guess I will be a bit sore again.

When reviewing he initially looked unimpressed saying I did my nipple tattoos too soon as  the shape will change...I said ...Oh no..these are just stick on jobs as having a play around,  and it has been a great stop gap. He was  astounded . much so he photographed them and made sure the breast care nurses got the details. Not everyday a handsome surgeon rushes off to photograph your breasts, lol.

I haven't got the date yet but should be within 3 months. He commented on how I looked...amazingly well.. I think were his words. Normally that comment  annoys the crap out of me...but as I have managed to discard 14 of the 19kg I put on since diagnosis, surgery and chemo,  I was feeling I looked a bit amazingly well.

I am excited to be finishing this part of my surgery.

The other thing that I loved...was what he said as I confirmed that I didn't need any yearly scans etc because of my mastectomy and that my surgery alone was curative .  Curative...was a lovely word.

Whilst I know that there are no guarantees of that, and yes I had chemo and on herceptin and letrozole. It still made my day. On those scary dark days when our mind plays games...memories of conversations  like that. .."curative"..and my oncologist...."every reason to believe your surgery alone  has cured your cancer"....helps to move away from those thoughts.

So I am slowly gaining energy 4 months on. I'm  working part time. I've engaged a cleaner and have stopped pushing myself so darn hard and ending up exhausted. I miss my old fitness...but I will get there. I know I will. I just have to believe.

Kath x


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    Good luck with the next round of treatment 
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    Fantastic news Kath, all the best with your surgery
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    So good kath! Love it when a handsome man can help make your day!! Hehehe
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    Great news! Love the Doctors comments-would have put a smile on my face also! Xx
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    Kath, that's fantastic!!! And what a compliment - I think that would certainly place a smile on your face every time you think of it. As for your energy improving don't forget your working takes a lot of energy so I reckon you're underestimating just how far you've come!!! Xx
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    Oh Kath. It's hard to believe isn't it? You have come so far. And it's only going to get better from here. What a lovely surgeon!!! Congrats. Onwards and upwards!
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    Kath!!! that sounds wonderful!!! So glad your review went well, and it seems he knows what he's talking about which is what you want!!! You sound like you are really kicking goals!!! Yay!! Melinda xo
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    Don't worry about having to have a cleaner due to low energy. The way I see it you have put yourself in low gear and while you won't make it over the top of the mountain fast, you will slowly but surely get there. <3
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    Great news Kath. The docs comments made me giggle  :D