31 acts of kindness for supporting someone with breast cancer

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In her group, Christians diagnosed with breast cancer, @Soldier Crab posted a Christmas calendar of random acts of kindness. This inspired us to ask you, the members of the online network, what special little things a family member, friend, or colleague did that helped make things a little easier for you, that made you feel supported, and that brightened up your day after your diagnosis.

You told us and we put it together as a resource to help family, friends, and colleagues supporting someone with breast cancer. Download it, email it, print it, share it, leave it lying around somewhere as a not-so-subtle hint  ;)

BIG THANKS to the following people for sharing their stories: @wendy h, @primek, @Michelle R, @Nadi, @adean, @socoda, @melclarity, @Afraser, @mum2jj, @ScorpionQueen, @Brenda5, @Deanne, @kayvie, @nikkid, @LibbyB, @Jane221, @rowdy, @Share, and @Ne.

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  • nikkid
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    Gorgeous Cosette! This is a lovely resource for everyone...and will help to give people the 'license' to help :). Thx for pulling it all together
  • socoda
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    Fantastic!! A wonderfully positive resource. Xx
  • primek
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    Beautiful. such a great idea when people ask...what can I do.
  • melclarity
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    Loved this!! 
  • Southgirl
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    That is wonderful! @Cosette_BCNA - maybe it would be good to put it on the BCNA facebook page as well?

  • Jane221
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    Fantastic @Cosette_BCNA some wonderful and practical suggestions. I'll be putting it on my facebook page and agree with @Jude M, it would be great to go on the BCNA facebook page  :)
  • adean
    adean Member Posts: 1,036
    Beautiful for the packs as well
  • Deanne
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    A terrific, practical, valuable resource! Have already shared it with a neighbour who has a recently diagnosed friend.  :)
  • InkPetal
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  • SoldierCrab
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    Thank you Team I am going to add this to this months newsletter for our local support group. 
  • mum2jj
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    edited December 2016
    Just back from holidays and catching up. Really lovely :)
    Paula x
  • socoda
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    Hope your holidays were good Paula. Merry Christmas Xx
  • mum2jj
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    @socoda thank you so much. I had a wonderful month away, just arrive back late yesterday so this is my first quick visit to the site. Will be catching up over the next week. Merry Christmas to you. Xxxx
  • GavinCh
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    @socoda thank you so much, this will help when looking to ensure my wife knows she is always being thought of.