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We are so lucky to have the online service with Bcna.  Recently a very good friend of mine lost her daughter to cancer. She was only 46 yrs. old. She didn't have breast cancer .The doctors could not find the original sorce of the cancer. She battled through surgery, chemo,and radiation treatment. During this time I know she had lots of support from family and friends.but there was no online support group like we have with the BCNA. We are able to discuss our feelings and get support from others going through the same treatment.which I have appreciated over the last few years. Thank you 


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    Hi Wendy, My Aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer about the same week I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March last year.  I know the support I got from strangers/charities far outweighed the support & information she did (none!)  She started chemo but it got too much for her so she decided to stop treatment soon after starting and let nature take its course, which it did just before Christmas.  

    I was lucky, I only needed a lumpectomy, radiation and now tamoxifen.

    Unfortunately another Aunt has been diagnosed with colon cancer in the last 2 weeks.  It's still early days, so I don't know her treatment plan or even if its only in her colon yet, so I have my fingers crossed.
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    I would have to agree this site and the lovely ladies on helped me SSSSSOOOO much as I didn't have breast cancer my daughter did and there was no where for me to go and get help or support  (trust me I looked )  
    I came on here expecting to be deleted as it wasn't me with breast cancer but was welcomed and supported I have learnt so much from these amazing ladies on here that helped me support my daughter through her treatment....  I love this group.  and will be forever grateful <3

    My Step mother has ovarian cancer and I wish there was a group for her like this ( there isn't by the way  ) 
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    5 years ago when l was diagnosed my surgeon gave me this web site and at 8pm that night l was on it and was flooded back with responses. thanks x
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    I don't blog so much but read  and comment more and have found tremedous support here. It was my lifeline when first diagnosed.
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    Perhaps we need a little section within the mets group for all other cancers with an explanation that treatment may be different for other cancers but our support is the same. Somewhere those with unrelated to breast cancers can go to have a rant and ask basic questions? It could be if there are specialised groups for some cancers it frightens newly diagnosed ones off at the start but our group could be less confronting? Just a thought.
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    Like the thought Brenda!!! Awesome