In Memory

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Day 10 - after round four

Again you rise from the depths of Hell,
Your stinking breath
burns its way into our lives again.

With one cruel wave of your hand,
You have claimed another,
A beautiful soul, a sister, a friend,
a wife... a Mother.

She fought so hard against you,
Stood defiant and strong,
Her radiant smile,
Her laugh, Her love never wavered.

But don't think you've won,
Because with this loss, you see,
We've become stronger,
And as determined as can be...

We will fight,
I will fight and honour her name,
to banish you back to Hell,
and end your cruel game.

* Written by me in honour of a dear friend

<3 Rest in Peace, Rosa Curtis - Your words of encouragement and strength will be with me always <3


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    Beautiful words of reflection and spirited fight!

    Take care

    Christine xx

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    Beautiful.  I am sorry for your loss and for iher family.

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    Sending you a special cuddle ????