FOW 2010

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What an amazing day! Firstly my daughter Cait and I missed our Tiger Airways from Sydney to Melbourne check-in by 2 minutes. Ok..let's not go there right now..... So we checked the Departures board and rushed over to the Virgin counter where we were able to get 2 tickets on their next flight. We wanted to make sure we could be at the apartments to be with all the girls from Albury Wodonga prior to the event. Everything went smoothly from there and it was wonderful to see all the familiar faces. I have really missed the girls from the Border and being able to stand with them, and my daughter, at the MCG that night was very special.


I was at the 2007 FoW in Sydney and this was waaaaaay better organised! And who would ever forget that wonderful moment when the lights went down and the lady twinkled and sparkled like our survivors pin? There were certainly a few tears, of joy and also sadness. And maybe just abit of gratefulness too. I thought that Kate Ceberano's rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' was probably the best acoustic version I have ever heard. It was very moving. To be standing there with all those women who were my sisters in support during my diagnosis and treatment nearly 4 years ago was worth the effort to get to Melbourne. Having a support group is very very special and I am again determined to start group in Newcastle.


Thanks BCNA for a wonderful and memorable night. The organisation was flawless and not even the rain could dampen the mood. My friend Mel from Albury and I enjoyed our meatpie with sauce and chips and felt very much at home watching the footie. I think we may have been sitting amongst alot of Bulldog supporters....And we had just as much fun watching the seagulls and all those people running on and off the field! So I will look forward to the next FoW and maybe I might know something about football by then!