Beautiful strangers

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The Kindness of strangers.

Over Easter at the caravan park at Alex Headland we met a really nice couple from Moree in NSW. The lady whose name was Anne, saw my Zonta pillow & explained how both her mother & Grandma had suffered from breast cancer & she was a member of Zonta herself. On getting ready to leave this kind hearted lady came up to me with a beautiful present of a Kelly Lane photo frame & a Butterfly key ring also a card wishing me well with my treatment.

This is one lady I will remember with Love for the rest of my days. I feel truly overwhelmed.

On another subject I saw the oncologist yesterday & found out the chemo will be delayed due to a lymph node attached to the lung, this was picked up by the SN biopsy dye, he is trying to bring forward a CT scan booked for the back end of April, before deciding if I should have a camera sent down by a lung specialist, when I had the initial CT scan I was informed of a node on the lung & that the surgeon would be keeping an eye on it, so I'm not sure if it is the same one. The 1 node they took from the armpit during the mastectomy showed cancer, which is the reason I had to have an axillary clearance the 10 nodes they took had no cancer in them. I am just hoping the chest 1 is clear too.

did anyone else who had the SNB dye have it go to the chest as well as the armpit?

To top everything off I now have cording & will see the physio again tomorrow for a massage.

Eileen xx




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    The kindness of strangers - Eileen that is so wonderful for you.

    As to SNB dye I didn't experience what you have.  Wishing you well with all your treatment.  Take care

    Christine xx

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    The mini van pop top people, sounds like my poodle people who I do now know their names. Aren't some people just the best?

    Yes nodes can be found anywhere. I don't know how rare it is though and I bet you are cursing being special.

    The cording thing does loosen up over time. Mine was really tight until one day while walking my dog on a lead he pulled back and while it didn't hurt at the time, I think it did pull the cording and give me much more movement so it was a good thing.

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    They sound like lovely people! I have cording too, for which the Physio has been really helpful. Whilst the massage isn't particularly pleasant, I did gain a lot more movement. I still need more work on it, but it's early days yet.

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    Thank you Christine the present really cheered me up.

    I hope your treatment goes well too. xx

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    Hi Brenda hope your feeling good today. It is lovely how people can make you feel better.

    It's the not knowing what & when the next phase of treatment is going to start that gets to me. I still have to get the port fitted & the oncologist wants to see me again in 3 weeks, but the reception staff said she would send a letter with the appointment as she could not fit me in.

    The cording is annoying & it feels like it could also be in the back behind the mastectomy scar as well as the arm, I am thankful that my physio is tomorrow.

    Eileen xx

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    They are really nice people Kristy.

    I'm sorry to hear you have got cording too,  have already put a small bruise on my arm from massaging it to hard.

    I suppose it's what we have to put up with as part of our treatment.

    Eileen xx

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    Beautiful Eileen

    ive come to realise that sometimes the kindest actions come from complete strangers...


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