Bra study to help women

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I recently visited the University of Wollongong to meet with Professor Julie Steele and her team who are undertaking research aimed at developing better exercise bras for women living with breast cancer.

Research has shown that exercise during and after breast cancer treatment provides women with a number of benefits, both physical and emotional, but we know anecdotally that some women find that an uncomfortable bra can restrict their exercise activities.

With the help of members of BCNA’s Review & Survey Group, the University of Wollongong researchers have surveyed more than 400 women and discovered that around half of them find their exercise bra uncomfortable, some to the point where they feel restricted in the types of exercise they can do.

The researchers are currently evaluating the results of the survey to determine their next steps. BCNA is collaborating with them on this project and we look forward to continuing this work, which may lead to the development of a new ‘purpose-built’ exercise bra for women who have had breast cancer surgery.



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    This study sounds very interesting - I am having a great deal of problem finding a bra I am able to wear that gives support without causing disomfort - other than having a bra specifically made for my odd sized breasts nothing seems to be appropriate for my needs.

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    coming up to time for needing a bra, dont know whether I will be  able to wear my underwire again, just dont think my"DD-E" cup will tolerate wireless, wuld be great if a company such as "Berlei" as a believe they are sponsors?? could make to measure as I am sure the demand would be there