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Something simple as a change in hairdo can have such a dramatic impact on a person. Having your hair cut can feel like you've been reinvented, and losing it can feel like you've been destroyed.

Let's demystify hair loss in treatment together by informing on and normalising it for those just welcomed to the fold.

If you're comfortable to do so, could those with experience please post their hair loss (and/or changes) from treatment experience?
I would love to see your selfies and timelines of fall and growth stages, your advice on how to handle it physically and emotionally, what you wore, and any of your reflective thoughts i.e. what you wish you'd known.


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    That's awesome. Did your lashes grow back?
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    Thank you so much for this, my younger sister has just been diagnosed and through all of the discussions she was so strong, but when they told her she would lose her hair she broke a little - I perfectly understand where you are coming from - when the time is right, I'll share your post with her, such a strong, beautiful post.  Thank you xx
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    HI again @brisbanestory , I was the same when the oncologist told me i had to do chemo, the first thing i asked was "will i lose my hair" when she said those words, "yes you will" i remember sobbing. Being younger i think we are more attached to our hair and the way we look, i bought a wig, i bought scarves, i made scarves, i bought hats. Just because i didnt know what i would like, how i would feel, how i would look with no hair. The whole time i only wore my wig 2 times, and they were for weddings, i constantly wore head scarves as i found them to be the most comfortable. I lost my eyelashes which was fine as i didnt really have many in the first place, when i lostmy eyebrows that really put me down, its amazing how different you look without them, My hair finally grew back and it came back curly and i LOVED it. Then i lost it again a few years later as i started chemo again. I was more prepared this time. It grew back again, this time with a slight wave and frizzier, then this year i lost it again for the third time due to chemo again, Prior to losing my eyebrows i had them tattooed so i wake up every morning and see eyebrows on my face, i bought a few more different style wigs and fringes, and some more material to make head scarves and some hats and head pieces. Your sister will hopefully find what she feels comfortable with, maybe she will like the way she looks bald and be comfortable to walk out. I would love to walk out of the house bald but i am not brave enough, i am trying to build my courage up to walk out in hawaii bald for the first time. Good luck with it all once again and hope your sister doesnt have too hard a time. I have a post in one of the other groups asking for shopping websites, maybe you and your sister might find a few things you want to buy?
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    Dear @Pebbz1981, thank you for sharing your story with me, I am blown away and sending you a big hug.  I love you range of ideas and have made note of them, and will definitely share them with my sister.  You mentioned you are in Hawaii?  Have a spectacular time and enjoy every minute of it, such beautiful sights and the people are some of the most lovely, warm people I've ever met.  Sending you best wishes and enjoy the sunshine, aloha xx soph

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    Spiv1803 said:
    That's awesome. Did your lashes grow back?
    My lashes lost their volume and curl, but they have grown back enough to look decent enough with a touch of mascara. Eyebrows on the other hand.. I have a patch! just one little bald patch of eyebrow that decided it didn't want to grow back! :joy: I have to draw it on every day, hahaha!
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