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When to Colour your hair

KutaKuta Member Posts: 2
I had my last chemo on the 26th of October and finished radiation on the 23rd of December. My hair has started to grow back, is probably about an inch long and quite thick, enough so I don't need to wear a chemo beanie. My hair has grown back a mix of light and dark grey ( it was a reddish brown with some grey prior to chemo) which makes me look older, I am 46. I am keen to get my hair coloured so I am seeking any advice on time to wait, dyes to avoid, really just anything that can inform me on the pros and cons.
thank you


  • KymBKymB Member Posts: 108
    Hi Kuta.  From memory, my hairdresser suggested I wait about a year after finishing chemotherapy before colouring my hair.  However, that's a few years ago now, so products may have improved for 'new' hair. Perhaps have a chat with your hairdresser.  BCNA also have a Fact Sheet on hair loss that includes some information about colouring new hair.  The link is: https://www.bcna.org.au/media/2137/bcna-fact-sheet-hair-loss-during-breastcancer-treatment.pdf 
    All the best.
  • KutaKuta Member Posts: 2
    Hi Kym,
    Thanks very much for the link, there is not much out there around hair colouring etc and I just want to feel better about myself, I am truly grateful for getting back on track and having some hair growth now and but having a bit of colour in my hair will help me get some normality back.
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,422
    Hi Kuta! I finished Chemo 1 yr ago, it came back in very grey, I had it trimmed and colored blonde at the 5 month mark, my Hairdresser said it was fine and to be honest it really has been more than ok :) This was the color at the 4 month mark...this is my hair now 1yr post. 

  • Jane-AltonaJane-Altona Member Posts: 39
    Hi Kuta, I had mine coloured at about 5 months post chemo. Consulted my hairdresser first. Have had it regularly done a soft brown since then. She advised no bleaching until 12 months so I won't be going back to my old blonde colour for awhile. Must admit having my hair done made me feel so much better, I'd missed going to the hairdressers! 
  • NaomiVNaomiV Member Posts: 25
    Hi Kuta, I finished my chemo on the 19th December and I bumped into my breastcare nurse yesterday and she said I can dye my hair whenever I feel like it, but just to bear in mind that the colour might not hold as long! She said there's no other reason to wait. :smile:
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,260
    Hi there I'm 44 and mine came back Mousey brown and heaps of grey I hated it although very grateful it has started to grow back. I finished chemo oct 16 last year and my hairdresser just put a nice brown in mine. She used an organic colour and it's lovely. No one told me had To wait.
  • ScooperScooper Member Posts: 113
    Hello.  I didn't have chemotherapy but had radiation and lost a reasonable amount of hair.  I am not comfortable getting my hair colored and use herbatint from the health food shop.  It is about 20.00 and I can do it myself.  I get two rounds of coloring my hair.  I really like it and it does cover up the greys.  I go swimming a few times a week and it is fine.  I seem to need to re do it about every four to five weeks.  I hope this helps.  Best wishes Sandra
  • mum2jjmum2jj Member Posts: 4,113
    I dyed mine as soon as I had enough!!! 
  • KathyjaneKathyjane Member Posts: 87
    i coloured mine with a semi permanent brown cos I did not like the grey... on Dec 22nd and it is still dark.. 
    It is only 1/2 inch long but .. i couldnt do the grey... 
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