Quirky things after BC........

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After reading about the cold & flu season which is racing up on us once more I thought I might share this odd occurrence. When I was about half way through chemo (Oct 2011) my loving family of boys all had a cold & cough which they prolonged to about three weeks each. I also caught the cold but thankfully mine only lasted about 5 days. But ......& heres the odd bit.....I have not had a cold (or flu) since then. I never think to ask my oncologists or rheumatologist when I see them why this is. I'm  not complaining by the way !!!!  God knows I have enough things going on without colds. Not sure if its because my autoimmune system is so screwed up .....I have some ill defined thing going on so I think they suppress the autoimmune sytem so it stops attacking me ( something like that........??)  & I know of a teenager with autoimmune problems who also hasn't had a cols for years as well. 

Has anyone else had strange but good occurrences like this ........?



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    That is great that you don't get bogged down with colds etc. I finished chemo last June and hadn't been sick until about a month ago. Up until that point I had started to wonder if my immune system had had a real kickstart after chemo. I have 3 young boys and we normally get sick all the time! But then I got a cold and wham!!! Knocked me for 6. 

    Anyhoo, this has nothing to do with auto immune problems though.... really hope it continues for you ?


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    Interesting.  Hope it keeps going that way for you. I haven't had a viral illness since before diagnosis (which was May last year), so I hope that continues,  too. 

    Take care, Lyn

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    Count your lucky stars. I have just had my 4th chemo session and I have been battling a virus for 7 weeks now. I have had 2 ear infections and a chest infection that I am having real trouble shaking. 4 bouts of antibiotics and 2 hospital visits and the fight goes on. Slowly getting over it with 4 more chemo sessions to go!!

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    I have Graves Disease...as well as bc. I too rarely get colds, and if I do I usually have very mild symptons. I've  always thought it was as my immune system was in overdrive. Kath.

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    Same here pretty much:) I am coming up to 3 years since diagnosis and haven't had a cold or anything else since then!! I feel great:):) Cheers Robynxox

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