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KeirsonKeirson Member Posts: 10
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Hi, i am Keirson a 39 year old mother of 2 amazing kids, married to the love of my life and a busy business owner. I was diagnosed with Her2+ grade 3 breast cancer in October last year, i had a lumpectomy and 6 lymph nodes as well as a part of my thyroid removed in December. my beautiful hero, my Dad lost his battle with mesothelioma the week i started chemo in January. I am sitting back in hospital after my 2nd round due to febrile neutropenia, with shocking mouth ulcers & feeling pretty miserable, i hate being away from my family and am still trying to get my head around this whole sureal process, although i have an incredible partner, family and friends i have never personally known anyone who has gone through breast cancer and am surprised how alone i feel. I am a positive person but i can feel this horrible crap getting the better of me and i am such a short way into this journey. I would love to hear how other women like me have coped with cancer life ??


  • LindylooLindyloo Member Posts: 146
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    Hi Keirson,

    i too had a grade 3 cancer ER+, tumour was 9 cm, I kid you not!! I had chemo first for 4 months and was hospitalised 5/6 treatments I had. They pumped me full of antibiotics each time and also my veins collapsed. I also ended up with pneumonitus caused by the chemo so was under the lung specialist too, having to go on steroids for a few months. This is when they noticed that my heart also had a murmur. Turns out I'd had this since birth but it hadn't been picked up before!

    after chemo I then had a mastectomy, a few problems with the drains but nothing too drastic and I had a lot of fluid build up which needed to be drained every few days. I'm now currently under going 25 rounds of radiation with only two more left to go.

    Now, although it sounds horrendous I treated each setback as another little hurdle to get through. And I did. You will be surprised at yourself and how you cope. I also had the most fantastic support from my husband, family and friends and no, I don't know how I would have coped without them. But also I still had a good sense of humour and believe it or not had a few laughs along the way.

    i am so sorry that you had to deal with the grief of losing your father too. Obviously nothing can help us deal wth that.

    I just want you to know that we are all here to help and support you on this site because even if you don't know anyone personally, they will help you. I did know a few friends who had had breast cancer but their cases were different to mine and you will find that everyone's treatment and symptoms are different too. 

    Good luck with your treatment. You will get through it. Just take each day at a time and ask any questions that you may have on here. ??

    Love and hugs

    Linda xxx

  • Ann-MarieAnn-Marie Member Posts: 1,158
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    Hi Keirson,

    Welcome to the Online Network. It's never a nice thing welcoming new members but we are always so happy that you found us. As Linda has mentioned the members are just wonderful and will provide you with the support that you need.  If there is anything I can help you with just let me know.

    Ask as many questions as you need to, that's what this place is for.

    ~Ann-Marie x 

  • KeirsonKeirson Member Posts: 10
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    Thanks Ann-Marie, so happily surprised to already have responses and words of support & encouragement ??

  • rowdyrowdy Member Posts: 1,165
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    Welcome to the site, great place to chat to others going through bc. Every ones treatment can be so different, try and take someone with you when you see doctors. There is so much information to take in, I used to write questions down before I went to see doc.

    I know what you mean about feeling alone, I was so glad when I found this site and I went in to a place in the city called Brecan (Melbourne) amazing ladies who have been down the road before. This site helps to not feel so alone, we are all here for you. One day at a time xx

  • KeirsonKeirson Member Posts: 10
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    Thank you, i feel not so alone already ??do you know if there is such a group in Brisbane? 

  • Ann-MarieAnn-Marie Member Posts: 1,158
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    On our website we have a section for finding services and support in your area. Click here for the link.

    BreaCan is based in Melbourne, click here to check out their website. They have some wonderful webinars that you can get involved in online.

    We have some wonderful members on the Online Network from Brisbane who you can connect with. Click here to check out this online group.

    I hope this helps :)


  • Emma HEmma H Member Posts: 48
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    Hi Keirson

    I, so sorry to hear what you are going through. So much to work through for you. I'm 35, pregnant with my 3rd child, diagnosed with stage 2, HER2+, grade 3 breast cancer the week before Christmas. I lost my mum about 18 months previous to Leukemia....I have had 3 rounds of AC so far, plus a mastectomy and a partial auxiliary node clearence, of which 1 of 7 nodes were positive.

    I'm been lucky in that although knocked  pretty hard no hospital trips yet for me - once my counts go up from round 3 I am to be induced with bub, and 12 days later it's round 4.

    I get the feeling of loneliness - I have wonderful friends and family (although most are interstate), a loving partner and 2 beautiful little boys (3&5)... but some days I just feel so alone - no-one seems to understand, they are sympathetic but still just don't get it. And I really just want a hug from my Mum!

    This online group has been great to connect with those who understand, a safe place to vent, talk, ask questions etc. 

    The Look Good Feel Better program is a great place to meet people as is this site. I have found through this site 2 lovely ladies who live in my suburb who are on this journey with me.

    As others have said, this site is a wonderful place to "speak" to others who do get it!

    Hope this helps

    Em xx

  • jenpenjenpen Member Posts: 315
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    Hi Keirson

    I hope you are feeling a little better & on the mend from febrile neutropenia! 

    I am 2 years ahead of you & alot of similarities....firstly, so sorry to hear about your precious Dad especially at a really difficult time for you - my gorgeous Mum died 2 days after my diagnosis - 2 days after Mums funeral I had a mastectomy; this part of the "journey" was the hardest for me trying to deal with my own mortality & how to deal with Mums sudden death & the grieving process! 

    As well, I had 2 children to consider, my wonderful husband & a business to run! Like you I had a few stays in hospital due to infection & neutropenia.

    Just take it one day at a time & know that before you know it, you will be on the other side of this crappy scenario! You will realise how strong you are & come out of the other end in awe of your body & how it can cope! Your children also will see how you are able to cope & will inadvertantly teach them some fabulous skills! Things do get better....your hair does grow back (this was another big problem for me as I have always been a hair person!) - and know that the experts will give you the right information regarding your treatment etc.

    You are certainly not alone in this....this forum is just the best for finding information & meeting other gals in the same boat as you! As scary as it seems now, things do get easier...just give it time.....

    Sending big cyber hug your way.....Jenny ??

    (Check out my previous posts for more info if you like....x)


  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,398
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    Welcome Keirson, you are not alone at all. One in eight women are copping this awful cancer, its just that most like to put it behind them and move on once treatment is over.

    It sounds like with your business and kids and chemo you might be burning the candle at both ends. Take a quality multivitamin. It sure has worked well for me. First chemo I had zero white cells and that was pretty awful. Second chemo I got anaemic but was able to cope with that with better diet and multivitamins and iron tabs. This third chemo I am kind of laying low and trying not to do much but everything just nags and pulls at you and the will is there but the body is not to do things. It is hard I know.

    Just know, add 'time' and it will all be done soon and back into life! xxxx 

  • KeirsonKeirson Member Posts: 10
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    Oh Emma, thank you so much for your reply, your story broke my heart but what an inspiration you are at the same time! Even with a similar diagnosis I can not imagine what you are going through being pregnant and without your mum...what a special mum your beautiful babies have, best of luck on the safe arrival of your new addition, I hope we can chat again soon. lots of love, hugs and strength to you xxxx

  • KeirsonKeirson Member Posts: 10
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    Hi Jenny

    Our stories sure sound similar don't they. It truly helps to know we are not alone and I am so happy to hear you are so far ahead in your journey, this gives me a lot of strength. I miss my Dad more and more everyday it seems but I am so glad he hasn't got to watch me go through this. Thanks so much for sharing with me.Kxxxx


  • Emma HEmma H Member Posts: 48
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    Hi Keirson

    Thanks for that. We can get through this, one week, one day, one hour even a minute at a time. It is hard but the ladies on here are just such a wonderful support - and even if you just want to vent this is the place to come. No-one will judge you and you don't have be to be strong. It helps just to let it all out!

    Hugs to you and I hope your doing ok for now

    xxoo Em

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