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Hi all, this is my 3rd attempt tonight at creating a post.Up till now,when I hit the pink post tab,it takes me straight back to all posts.Thought I'd 'cracked'the code but have no idea where my last 2 attempts went.While I'm here,may as well post that I had my mammo today-5yrs on or 12yrs from the first bout of bc.I wasn't anxious until the radiographer said she was using a new whiz bang machine which took better pictures but meant my boob would be squashed for 10 times longer!Gotta love progress. Won't get results for a few days. Best wishes to all you lovelies having bc treatments.You will get through it all and enjoy life again.Tonya xx  ps.If this post appears then I have Paula to thank: )



  • TonyaM
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    My post keeps disappearing : (

  • Michelle_R
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    Hi Tonya,

    Your post came through - all of them worked!  Hope your mammogram went well and wasn't too uncomfortable. 

    xxx Michelle

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    Hi Tonya, found your post, I wish you all the best for your results, I think you have had enough dealings with BC. Squashed 10 times longer? Ouch! As you say, gotta love progress:) All the best,

    Hazel xx

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    Woohooo!!! It worked. I am now officially a teacher :)

    Good luck with Mammo results. You are a bit like me. I just had a cat scan and get the results on Thursday. I am 5 1/2 years from first diagnosis and 4 from 2nd. Thinking of yiu and glad we got the posting  thing sorted for you. 

    Paula x

  • rowdy
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    Hi there how did you, does the new machine give you a 3d look. 10 times longer ouch hope all good news