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Beautiful ladies - Sam and Mandamoo

FranPFranP Howqua Inlet. VicMember Posts: 407

I want to place a remembrance wish to my friend 's Sam and Amandamoo. They fought so long and hard and were such inspiations to us all. I know they are smiling down on us!

And I know this is for breast cancer but I also want to remember my girlfriend of over 30 years Heather. She died in June 2013 from ovarian cancer and I was with her to the end - it broke my heart to watch her fade away, but I know she is at peace now.

Love you all and miss you. Fran 


  • chipmunkchipmunk Member Posts: 280
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    Oh my heart just sank.
    I read Mandamoos blogs each time and never thought I would see you blog that she is now in heaven.
    This disease is just so heartless and horrible.
    It's just not fair.
    I send her my smiles.
    She was a beautiful lady and had so much courage.
  • TonyaMTonyaM Member Posts: 2,710
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    Thanks for your post.I'll never forget Sam and Amanda -both so young and courageous.I printed off Amanda's last blog.I wish I'd printed off all her blogs as she wrote so eloquently.But I didn't think she'd be leaving us so soon,if at all.Gosh Fran,it just seems like the other day you were telling us about your dear friend and now a year has passed.Love and hugs to you Fran.Tonya xx

  • Loretta dLoretta d Member Posts: 124
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    Hi Fran, I haven't been on here for a long time & was saddened to read this post about dear Amanda. We were going through initial treatment around the same time until she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. I feel sad that I lost contact she was a beautiful soul & have have shed tears for her.

    Loretta xxx

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