Letrozole for the next 10years..

How do you all manage to remember to take the little pink pill EVERY DAY?



  • Julez1958
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    I have a Webster pack from the chemist  ( as I have to take other pills in the morning) which has am and pm
    I take the AI ( was Letrazole , have moved to Exemastene) after dinner every night.
    It’s just something I do every day.
    I did in the beginning ask my hubby yo remind me but it’s so ingrained now (18 months on) I don’t need a reminder.
  • Cath62
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    I take another pill at the same time. It is built into my daily routine. You could set a reminder on your phone or set an alarm clock or even a postit note on your kettle or fridge. I guess @Fernweh, it's a matter of working out what will trigger your memory. 
  • June1952
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    When it is something you have to remember each day - AIs or other medication - you just do.  This is a matter of human survival so you put them where you see them, perhaps by the kettle, perhaps by the bed etc.
    You are not the only person needing to take medications daily or several times a day for a variety of illnesses but we all make it work.
    If needs be put a reminder in your phone.
  • Locksley
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    I started taking it in the morning but I have felt night time is better for me.
  • Cath62
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    @Locksley, I take it in the morning. I am getting alot of joint pain at night or from late afternoon Did you get pain? Does switching to taking it at night help the pain factor?
  • Locksley
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    @Cath62 your up early.   I found when I was taking it in the morning I would have a lot of joint pain and difficulty moving for the day. 

    By taking it at night I figure I'm asleep well mostly asleep so hopefully not too impeeding on the next day.   

    I am so slow when I walk I cant walk fast enough for any cardio for exercise or weight loss.  If you were to see me move you would assume I'm 25 years older than I am.

    I'm currently having leg pain, foot and heel pain, I still have some neuropathy in my toes.  My legs are twitching.   Once my sleep apnoea is sorted my dr is going to investigate restless leg syndrome.   Sometimes I wonder when will it ever end.

    But then I remember all I have overcome and I am happy to be here so I shuffle forward.  
  • Cath62
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    Thanks @Locksley, yes a bit awake last night. I too walk like I am 80. I am stiff in joints and my hands take a bit to get moving. I guess I am lucky the pain is at night. I am having scans and X-rays on my hips next week because of bone pain. Think Letrozole could have aggravated bursitis in hip but also check for bone mets but it is precautionary only, don't think it's that.

    Btw my Colin has renal cancer. Just diagnosed and having lots tests atm. We know it hasn't spread so that's good but he will need part or all of his kidney removed. Not sure if other treatment planned yet. We find that out at the end of the month. It is early so looking positive for him.

    Apologies all for going off topic. 
  • Locksley
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    @Cath62 I'm sorry to hear about Colin.    You might like to join the carers group.   Sending you a hug.  Xxx
  • iserbrown
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    Thinking of you @cath62 as you await treatment plan for Colin
    Take care
  • Cath62
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    Thanks @Locksley. I am in the carers group re my aging parents and now Colin too. We are positive for him as it is early and hasn't spread. But loosing a kidney isn't great.

    Thanks @iserbrown. Waiting is hard.  We have done this many time. 5 malignant cancers for me and Colin had tonsil cancer 15 yrs ago. At least we know processes I guess.
  • Fernweh
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    I realised my lil pill is peach colour (to be precise) not pink 🍑 

    @Afraser Whoop! You are almost at the 10 years mark! I am on day 2 lol

    @Locksley @Cath62 I am taking it at night after dinner. The instructions says some people may be nauseous after taking it and I had enough of that during chemo. I am also hoping to sleep off anything else (hot flushes permitting)!

    @Cath62 I am sorry to hear about Colin. Sending you a hug!

  • GenK
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    With my mother initially I wrote it down and put it in a place she always looks first thing in the morning (she’s still on chemo then radio but similar re needing medication reminder), and initially I text her each morning to remind her until it became a habit. In my journey with chronic health conditions I found tricks like setting an alarm on daily that I’d rename as ‘meds’ so it wasn’t visible to the household but a prompt for me, or use the prompt of preparing school lunch with the meds near the chopping board behind the Vegemite so it was a clear daily prompt (especially as my son rarely prepares food outside of microwave/toaster). Another friend has her meds next to her toothbrush in the vanity which she finds helps as a prompt for her to take meds in the morning or straight before bed whilst discreet from family/guests. Maybe one or a mix of these ideas can work for you. Hth
  • Fernweh
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    Thank you @GenK. Great ideas there! 
  • arpie
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    I keep mine near where I serve up dinner, so I can't 'miss them' - I have taken them at night with dinner for YEARS - but more recently I started taking them in the morning - but I think I will go back to the evening again, as I've been a bit achy again recently.  Taken at night, I believe they 'work their magic' and you shouldn't notice the aches so much as you should be in bed!

    I put them all in the one box (each packet it totally different, so you can't take one twice by accident) and I've added my 1/2 Minax as well to the box, so everything is in the one packet.  (Tho if you go to hospital, you need to take the complete box with you or they won't accept them!)