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DC chemo reaction change to AC

BunicholsBunichols Member Posts: 1
Hi wanting to know if anyone had a bad reaction to their first chemo. Within 5 minutes so much so that they stopped the infusion and are changing my regime to AC. 

I can’t seem to find much about the differences between the two and hoping some bright person on here may know. 

It has really thrown me for a loop mentally as I was all prepared maybe a little too much research but that is how I roll. Now I just feel a little lost. 


  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 887
    Hi @Bunichols, I have not had DC but I had AC and taxol. I reacted to taxol so they reduced the dose so I could get through my treatment. Everyone is different and we can all react to treatment either at the beginning or during. It's the same with hormone suppression treatment too. I was ok on tamoxifen for about 18 months and then all of a sudden started to react to it. I guess the message is be flexible, raise any reactions or side effects and your treatment team can adjust your treatment accordingly. Hang in there. Best wishes 
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