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Post DCIS surgery lymph node soreness

Lara68 Member Posts: 3
Hi all
I was diagnosed with dcis on 5/7 and have had two surgeries two weeks apart. The second to remove my areola and nipple in order to get clear margins. My last surgery was one week ago. I now have a very small pea shaped lump half way up towards my armpit. It is very sore, almost more than the surgery. I’m assuming that it’s likely my lymph node isn’t draining properly. And do course it’s the weekend and I can’t call my surgeon or get into a gp. Has anyone else experienced this and If so what did you do to relieve it? I’m going to look up lymphatic drainage. Just wondering if it could be anything else as well.


  • TonyaM
    TonyaM Member Posts: 2,818
    Hi @Lara68,
    so it’s not actually IN the armpit but more at the side of the breast towards the armpit? It could be a few things such as a small haematoma, infection, seroma,scar tissue? You’ll need it checked ofcourse,but is it urgent?If it gets bigger or you get a temperature and feel generally sick then I’d go to A&E. Otherwise I’d leave it alone until you can get it checked with ultrasound
    These things always happen on a weekend don’t they.
  • Lara68
    Lara68 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks TonyaM. I’ll definitely be getting it checked tomorrow. Thanks for your response