Bloody covid

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Well when you test positive and not sure what to do next
accept register your positive result 


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    Bugger bugger bugger!  It's not your week, @cranky_granny xx 

    I hope it is only a mild dose ... we've just had our 4th shot today. 

    Hubby's twin brother had it recently and managed quite well ..  at 85!

    Check out this video for tips pm home care from an Aussie Dr, practising in NZ ...  check out her other vids too, as she's become a spokesperson on Covid management ...

    Take care xx
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    Registering your positive result makes it possible for the Department of Health to check on you. May be wise to advise your GP and any other significant practitioner. Your local council may be able to advise on any services you may need while isolating and recovering. Hope it’s a mild dose, best wishes. 
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    Thanks.@Afraser  My McGrath nurse is off today hopefully she’ll ring me in the morning. Otherwise the oncologists receptionist said to give her a call and she’ll speak to Amanda for me 
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    Excellent - always good to have people who know you may need a hand. Hope you lose the Covid virus very soon. 
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    Speedy recovery to you @cranky_granny
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    Yeah. I've been surrounded by it in the office. Haven't had even a sniffle.

     I'd like to put that down to rigorous adherence to government advice but I suspect it's more down to my natural reluctance to having anyone within arm's length?

    What's the bet I catch it two days after my organisation decides they will no longer offer special leave.

    All the important folk have been infested, I'm just hoping the recent non-data about reinfection might make self interest delay the inevitable.

    Hope you get through it okay. Mxx
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    @Zoffiel i have no idea where i picked this up from
    ive had pneumonia and this is worse I 
    feel absolute crap 
    like you. In the office the mask is always on the social distance and cleaning protocol still happens. 
    Im in confinement till the 12th as long  as i have no symptoms and i go back to work 

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    @cranky_granny when I had covid I felt like I had swallowed razor blades and my throat was so sore I found drinking lemon sip hot drinks helped a lot.  Hopefully you will feel better soon.  Rest when you need too. 
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    Thanks @Locksley
    im trying everything. I’ve been offered the antiviral medication if i don’t improve over the next 24 hours 
    oncology contacted the infectious dr. Im not to start my palbo just take the AL and pain meds the nursing team from there will be in touch daily  Lets just cross everything. 
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    @cranky_granny You might need to check with your onc first, but you could try Quercetin, Colloidal Silver, increased dose of vitamin C every day that you feel bad, zinc, and a paste of whiskey, honey (raw) and olive oil mixed together for the throat. They’re all natural products and quite effective (but check with onc anyway). I had the flu and it went away after 3 days from just increased vit C and the whiskey/honey/olive oil paste. My daughter too. I felt really shit when it first got me, really weak and feverish with a cough, but better again in 3 days. The cough remained for about a week longer, so I kept taking the paste and more vit C. Then all back to normal. I also take zinc everyday, as well as magnesium and vit D if I don’t get enough sun. 
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    Hi @FLClover
    i take magnesium. Red krill and glucosamine daily and when we have sun. I get the good stuff at lunchtime 
    i look like I’m getting taste back could actually taste the mushrooms tonight
    Just got to watch the oxygen from getting too low when I’m asleep instead of the 5 cm wedge I’ve added some extra height. Just till the coughing settles
    not being on Palbo is doing the trick my own body is doing it’s job. Just a little slower 
    I ate yesterday a little and tonight managed some more food
    all small steps are progress. I can talk without croaking and coughing all the time. 
    And vegemite did wonderful on the mouth ulcer’s 

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    Definitely making progress 👌🏻  Good on you. Your body is fighting and working 💜