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swollen/puffy below armpit

DellaDella Member Posts: 35
Hi all,

does anyone experience swollen/puffy after breast surgery (left) and sentinel lymph node biopsy?
I had my surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy  Wednesday 20 Oct 21  and this night just notice there is swollen like puffy parallel with by breast but under the armpit. hope my explanation make sense.
actually during this afternoon I feel numb and tired on my left hand.
 I did some cooking lifting the pan and saucepan with water, hope this does not cause the swollen???

many thanks,


  • StrongCoffeeStrongCoffee Member Posts: 119
    Hi @Della I just replied to your other post! Did the physio give you some exercises to do throughout the day? I was given a sheet with diagrams of each one and I set my phone alarm for 4 times a day that I would do them. Starting small and building up once movement returned.

    I think an oedema (I hope that's the right term) is not uncommon post surgery. This is a build up of fluid which sometimes gets reabsorbed and sometimes needs draining.

    Also, the 'breast' extends quite a way under the arm/on the side chest. I had a mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction and comparing my 2 sides now, it's quite obvious how much tissue was removed from that area down from the armpit. So if you had a mastectomy, expect that whole area to be swollen and bruised. Plus the bruising/tenderness around the lymph node biopsy incision.

    It sound worth giving the hospital/your breast care nurse a call in the morning to discuss it. That way they can determine if they think you should come in to get checked out.
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