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  • arpie
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    Awesome art @StrongCoffee!!  We have lots of sewing people, knitters and crotcheters!!  Show and tell ... ;)
  • SoldierCrab
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    Does anyone use Large Gumnuts in their crafts we have trees here where the branches are nearly breaking from weight of gumnuts 

  • AllyJay
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    Sorry, I don't, but what I would love to find, are some pine cones, with which I can make Christmas decorations with my grandchildren.
  • SoldierCrab
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    hi Everyone this came over my facebook page thought some of you might be interested in it 

     Landline is celebrating 30 years on ABC TV and you help mark the occasion - with commemorative quilt from squares created by you.
    The theme is Life on the Land, which could mean animals, vehicles, landscapes: whatever regional and rural life means to you.
    Use your favourite fibre, yarn, and thread, and create something you're happy to hand over permanently.
    Here are the creative specifications:
    Finished size 15 cm x 15 cm square (max 2 cm thick) with finished edges (binding).
    Feature any techniques, ie knitting, crochet, patchwork, felting, embroidery, applique, weaving, dyeing, spinning, lacemaking.
    Use any colours you like.
    Feel free to use texture and embellishment.
    More info here:

    NO pressure but I know several of you enjoy a good quilting experience etc. 

  • FLClover
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    Wow!! Nice @StrongCoffee! Quite a talent you got there 👏🏻💟
  • iserbrown
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    Beautiful sentiment! 

    Take care

  • StrongCoffee
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    @melclarity that poem is so beautiful!
  • FLClover
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    @melclarity you triggered the tears with your poem. It’s beautiful 💟
  • melclarity
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    @iserbrown thank you! I hope you are well! @StrongCoffee thank you too :)@FLClover awww thank you. One of my hobbies is writing and it has become one of the most therapeutic things I do that soothes my soul! :) xx M
  • FLClover
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    @melclarity writing does that 😊 and it’s especially good when you’ve got the talent 🥰. Feel free to share more when you like Xx
  • Julez1958
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    @strongcoffee that painting is amazing!
    @melclarity your poem was beautiful and gave me a good cry ( funny how everything is connected , I had just posted to another discussion that one of the best  things I was told by a psychologist was “ it’s ok to cry” so I don’t mind a good cry for happy as well as sad.)

  • melclarity
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    @StrongCoffee I would love for you to post more of your paintings :) 

    @Julez1958 it is absolutely OK to cry! its good to release ;) does more good than you know. xx M
  • arpie
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    How clever is this chair design? 

    As the child gets taller, you move both the step and the seat!

    I’d probably add some sort of seat belt tho!

    What a wonderful project for a Crafty Handy Man or Woman!