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Astra Zeneca vaccine while on Herceptin Perjeta

annielou52annielou52 Member Posts: 11
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I just had the Astra Zeneca jab and the dr told me it wouldn’t work as well for me because I’m on immunotherapy (Herceptin Perjeta). I was surprised by this but went ahead anyway. Has anyone else on this been told that? Or that you had to get it at a certain time in the 3 weekly cycle?


  • annielou52annielou52 Member Posts: 11
    Just got message back from breast care nurse, I have to skip the next infusion. Glad I asked, I was due on Thursday.
  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,260
    Glad you heard back from the BCN. How long until you can have your next treatment now?, or do you have to wait a full cycle?
    I don't have mets, nor was I Her2 positive. Hopefully your question and own answercwill help others, even though we were unable to help you 😊
  • gumnutgumnut far north coast NSWMember Posts: 691
    That’s very interesting @annielou52 as I specifically asked the oncologist last week whether I can or should have the astra z vaccine. He’s not my regular oncologist but a prof & the head of the oncology dept at my local public hospital. Like you, I am on Herceptin & Perjeta 3 weekly and he said that I can get the vaccine if I choose to and he didn’t mention any precautions at all?
     I will follow this up with my oncologist at my next appointment- thank you so much for raising this
  • annielou52annielou52 Member Posts: 11
    irb I have to wait the full cycle, ie 3 weeks before next treatment.
  • StarGirlStarGirl Member Posts: 124
    Hi @annielou52, I’m also on herceptin and perjeta. Had AstraZeneca in between normal 3 weekly infusions. No waiting or skipping. No one even suggested that. I was told if your immune system is suppressed you may not mount the same immune response as you would otherwise, possibly making the vaccine less effective as you’re not building the same levels of antibodies. 
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