Starting Letrozole & palbociclib tomorrow

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  • Not_good_63_57
    Not_good_63_57 Haigslea/Marburg qld Member Posts: 66
    I start Letrozole and Palbociclib (Ibrance) tomorrow as need to take same time everyday 
    reading comments here are they that bad with pain etc 
    does anyone get nausea on these think I’m stressing bout nothing but that’s me 
  • jackie 4
    jackie 4 Pakenham VicMember Posts: 45
    I am switching from Letrozole to Anastrozole and commencing Palbociclib this week.  Am also anxious about the nausea side affect.  How are you going?  Hope all is well and you are coping. 
  • Not_good_63_57
    Not_good_63_57 Haigslea/Marburg qld Member Posts: 66
    sorry haven’t been on here much 
    did u start ur tablets 
    I did but off tab at moment as it lowered my white cells so have to wait til next week 
    had no problem taking them didn’t make me sick which is good 
  • Kathyjane
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    Hi, I am just coming back on to the website after a few years of not being on here. 
    Since I last posted back in 2017 with Stage 2 and went through all the chemo, radio, surgery etc. I was doing well.. then in Oct 19 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 with mets in my bones. I started Palbociclib and Arimidex in Oct 2019 and now 18 months later I have been stable for the past 6 months with the CA 15-3 markers. Occasionally I will get some nausea, but I find the tiredness is the hardness part and the joint pain in my body and mainly my knees is the problem. I am Ostrogen positive so this is a huge issue with joint pain. 
    The Palbo is working so I am happy with that. Most of the 12 lesions in my bones have shrunk but not gone. 

    Each month I have a blood test to check the WWC and Neutrophils and CA 15-3 markers... Neutrophils are around 1.2 which is way too low but I have not moved much in the past 18 months 1.2 - 1.9 is my range now. WWC is around 3.5 or sometimes lower but only once hit 4 which is the base range for the "normal" range. So yes I am in the "don't get a bug" category. I work in and out of the hospital system so it is challenging at times and especially with the COVID situation. 

    I have never stopped the meds except for 1 week last June when I was supposed to have another operation to clean up the boobs from July 2016 but as I am now stage 4 my Surgeon does not want to "put me in the grave" by operating. She is very upset about this as am I cos they need some work done but "it is what it is" as I say. 

    I am living my life and getting on with not dying just yet.