North Brisbane Christmas Luncheon

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Strathpine Coffee and Chat Group are having their annual Christmas Luncheon this Wednesday (25th) at Portabella Restaurant at Albany Creek. We are booked for 12pm and entry fee is a small gift of around $10 for a Secret Santa present. 
The meal costs $27 for 2 courses but if you can't eat a full meal I recommend their desserts!
Everyone is welcome. It is always a great day and a lot of fun


  • FLClover
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    How lovely! 
    Is there by any chance something like this happening in Sydney?
  • Blister
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    Wish I could make it, but will keep an eye for next years.💕
  • Lyn11
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    We meet every 2 weeks at a picnic spot so you will be very welcome to come and visit us :)
  • patdug
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    Hello Lyn 11
    I wish I had checked this network earlier in the week as I would have loved to come to lunch and meet everyone. Thanks for putting up the welcoming lunch post...when you have the coffee/cake catch-ups every two weeks could you post to this site please and I will make sure I check in more has got in the way lately...thanks again Lyn
  • Lyn11
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    Our next get together will be at Bullocky's Rest at Lake Samsonvale on 9th December. We meet at 10 am and everyone brings their own flask of whatever they want to drink plus a biscuit or nibbly if they are peckish. 
    Are you able to do the mornings? Occasionally we have afternoon ones for the people that work but since the Covid scare most don't like going to clubs or shops and the mossies come out if we go to a picnic place. When (if) we ever go back to normal we will go back to the alternate morning and afternoon get togethers at the Pine Rivers Bowls Club.
    It will be lovely to meet you and if you would like to talk my ph is 0400793831 and my email is ldorreen@****.au
  • patdug
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    Thank you so much Lyn for replying to you. I will text a message to your mobile
    warm regards :)

  • Cath62
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    Hi @Lyn11, I might be interested in this group. I am at Kedron so the north side of Brisbane. I won't make it this year but please post in the new year about the catch ups again.
  • Lyn11
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    We have one more for this year (9th Dec) and the first of the new year will be on 6th Jan. I will post on the BCNA page again nearer the date