Big Thank You! 💝

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I’d just like to give a massive shoutout to these very special ladies. From the moment I joined, I’ve felt so supported and cared for thanks to all the practical and wonderful advice these ladies are always willing to provide to lost newbies and older members alike. This is very important, as sometimes this is the only proper support we can get. Most of the time I don’t even need to create a post, as I can just read through all the helpful tips they’ve already provided countless times to others. 
I’ve realised that at the beginning, when we’re all terrified and confused, we go to sites like
these for help. But once we’re past the initial stage and we become more familiar with it all, and somewhat better, we tend to just move on with life and not be so regular on sites anymore. It just happens naturally and unintentionally. 
However, these ladies have stayed on this site for years, literally, and continue to very selflessly give advice and comfort to ladies (and men) whenever they need it. That’s VERY SPECIAL 💖, and I hope you ladies understand how much we appreciate it. Lots of love to you all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🎉🤩👑


  • nikkid
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    Thx so much @FLClover.....this makes it all worthwhile! Knowing you're not alone on this 'journey' and sharing the lived experience of others can really help. I'm glad we've all been able to do this for you in some small way  <3<3<3
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    You’re very welcome @nikkid, and it was actually in a big way 😊😘
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    @iserbrown thank you 😊. 
    They may seem like small acts of kindness, but they are very significant, when we most need them. 
  • arpie
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    Thank you so much, @FLClover - that is very kind of you. 

    You, in turn, are also an uplifting presence on the blog!!  What comes round, goes round xx

    Everyone knows just how much of a hit we all take with the initial diagnosis - and then the train-wreck that follows ...... I know the comfort and support that I received when I joined up 3 years ago really helped me cope .... so am only too happy to try & smooth the road for others. xx

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    You are more than welcome @FLClover and you too have given back so much.  You are sooooooo right.  You just don't get the kind of support and hope you're needing sometimes unless it's from someone that's been there, done it and made it out the other side.  There's such a big difference between the science and medical side and living it.

    Lotsa luv sweets.
  • Sister
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    Very welcome @FLClover - those on this site made the difference between me coping and going under so happy to have been able to give back a little.
  • FLClover
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    You’re welcome @arpie 😊. I like saying how I feel. And you're right, it’s nice to give back.  🥰
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    @AllyJay ditto to everything you just said!! 😄☺️
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    @kezmusc you’re absolutely spot on 👌🏻. And thankfully there’s lovely people who are willing to share these experiences. 
    This is not a judgement on those who don’t. Everyone has their own way, reasons for doing things and battles. 
    It’s just showing appreciation to those who do, on this sometimes lonely cancer obstacle course 😊😘
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    @Sister a very important difference 🥰
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    @Zoffiel I knew I’d forget someone. I meant to tag you too. Your posts are not only helpful, but also very funny. I always get a good belly laugh out of them 😆😄. Thanks for keeping it real 💖 (I don’t mean to sound like P Diddy)
  • Locksley
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    Thank you ladies above for your support.  Knew I should have double checked my list!!.   @FLClover has listed off some of the ladies I forgot to mention that have been very helpful to me on my rollercoaster ride by posting their thoughts and advise.  Very grateful to you all. xxx