Covid19 and breast cancer

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It's been two years since I had a baseline bone density scan (DEXA) and I had a date booked for my next one. They sent me a text message a couple of weeks ago to say it's has been indefinitely postponed due to Covid19.

After finally working up the strength to sort out my revision and nipple surgery I was booked in for 24th April. I haven't heard boo from the hospital (private) or the surgeon but it won't be going ahead. They're saying the coronavirus peak here will be late April to May.

I'm not concerned about either of these things, they can easily wait. But if it's happening to me it must be happening to others, and it got me to thinking about what it would be liked being diagnosed and starting treatment at this time. My heart goes out to all who are in this position.

Today I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this post from a BS here in Melbourne:

This situation we're all in is so dynamic and fast moving. I know my anxiety has risen. I hope everyone is doing OK. Big hug to you all. K xox


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    @kmakm Sorry that you have had your surgery deferred after working up to it.  I have been thinking a lot about others who are at the beginning of their own rollercoaster.  I'll follow you by hoping that everyone is okay out there in BCNA land.
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    Thinking of you and others @kmakm. I'm keeping everything crossed for all of you on this forum, the newly diagnosed, and those who with BC who can't access or just don't know how supportive and valuable this forum is. xxx
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    @kmakm I am one of those in limbo. I had a lumpectomy in February and met my oncologist for the first time on Friday. I’m to have radiation and meet the radiation oncologist on Tuesday (first time again) but radiation may be delayed. If it’s delayed I’m to start taking Anastrozole tablets straight away. My next appointment in 4 months with the oncologist is via phone. Scary times.
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    It's very unsettling isn't it @Jwrenn? It brings into sharp focus how lucky we are with our health system here. That even as we contemplate this approaching tsunami we have options.
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    Yep  Kate, I’m in limbo too, booked for mastectomy and recon on April 17 (19 days ) 
    Who knows what will happen? Seeing surgeons tomorrow may have more clarity then.
    I’m worried.
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    Oh bugger @Caz1. I'll cross my fingers and hope that your surgery goes ahead. Tonight the experts seem to think that we might be flattening the curve. Fingers crossed. K xox
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    This is scary. I have 5 taxol to go then radiation and very afraid I won’t be able to get thru it with all that’s happening. I am high risk for Mets so need all this treatment to have any hope of survival so it’s causing me much anxiety. And even after taking kids from school two weeks ago I have the last nasty bug from school still going through the kids - high temps, fever, cough (total Coronavirus symptoms) but can’t get tested when we have been nowhere and don’t know anyone who has travelled etc. I am so annoyed the way the powers that be talk about the numbers but don’t actually test anyone in the community unless they have a history. 
    I am just waiting to catch whatever the kids have and then land in hospital - or worse- because I have no immunity.  
    Sorry, that’s my rant. So tired, and so constantly worried. 
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    I think the oncologist said something about a bone density scan but not to worry about it yet because of Covid19. It’s hard to take it all in when seeing the different doctors, and the different protocols in the waiting room and in the examining room at the moment. My husband did wonder if he should or shouldn’t  have been there with me too. Luckily he was as I can’t remember it all. 
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    Hello everyone,
    At BCNA we understand that this is a very anxious time for many who are waiting for treatment or about to start treatment for breast cancer.  It can be really helpful to speak with someone if you are worried or feeling frustrated. Dont hesitate to call our helpline on 1800 500 258 to speak with one of our cancer nurses for information and or support or speaking with your medical team.  Keeping you safe and ensuring that you start the appropriate treatment is a key priority for your medical team.  Take care of you
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    Feel your anxiety @kmakm ,@Caz1, @ddon, @Jwrenn, sorry to hear about the delays , it's horrible !
    Take care xox
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    Breastscreen has ceased also
  • kmakm
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    I finally had a phone call from my plastic surgeon's office yesterday, cancelling my revision and nipple surgery. I knew it was off; I'm surprised it took them so long to call.

    There just aren't the words for how strange the world is right now, are there? I hope everyone is doing OK. I feel rather untethered. Stay well, K xox
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    @ddon I’m in a similar situation. I have started radiotherapy after EC and T chemo. Just hoping to get finished without delays. 

    The centre is eerily empty and all doctors are staying away so all my consults are by phone. On the bright side the centre is being proactive about its systems in an attempt to be able to stay open, especially for high risk patients like us!

    Lots of hugs to you and all of us going through this.
    Tinks xx

  • Jwrenn
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    I went to outpatients for the 1st appointment with my radiation oncologist yesterday only to be sent home to do it via video. They were supposed to have let me know not to come in. And I had a letter on Monday in regard to my appointment the previous Friday, but that might have been delayed by Australia post. Lucky for mobile phones. 
    The radiation shouldn’t be delayed at this time be he did say it was my choice. I chose to start asap. Get it over and done with. 
    But it is scary times. 
    Hugs to all. Xx