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When is your birthday?



  • NefertariNefertari Member Posts: 288
    October 18 for me, another one looming lol
  • MiraMira I live in my computer .... Member Posts: 678
    October 18 for me too!  :smile:
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,207
    Thank you for that - the 18th October is popular - I have 3 forum members born on that date for us to celebrate

    Do we have any more for the 18th or anyone else that may wish to share their birthday?

    Best wishes
    Take care
  • Emelon1Emelon1 Member Posts: 5
    :)  20th January
  • llabandilollabandilo Member Posts: 5
    9 November 
  • aussiee13aussiee13 MelbourneMember Posts: 13
    18th July :-) 
  • JillmamJillmam Member Posts: 8
    Hello to all👋, this is my first post. Birthday is 22 Feb
  • MattyBoyMattyBoy Member Posts: 10
    March 29th 
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,974
    Welcome @Jillmam. Sorry you've had to join us. I hope you find the forum a helpful place to be. K xox
  • JillmamJillmam Member Posts: 8
    Thanks @kmakm - I’m sure I’ll get a lot out of the forum🌞
  • LucyLou_71LucyLou_71 PerthMember Posts: 10
    4th January 
    thank you 😊
  • Charlie2019Charlie2019 Member Posts: 17
    Hello everyone,

    Following on from the amazing birthday list that was started by @socoda, thank you very much! 
    Im calling out to all our members to let us know your birthday.  We love an online celebration and on the day you will receive a virtual birthday cake that we can all share!  No need to include the year you were born unless you want to.  We have quite a few birthdays coming up this month and the moderation team look forward to celebrating your special day with you!

  • Charlie2019Charlie2019 Member Posts: 17
    What a lovely idea 😊
    11 September for me 
  • HilsHils Edgewater, Perth WAMember Posts: 55
    August 19th
  • GJH_104GJH_104 Tamworth NSWMember Posts: 4
    60 on Oct 28 .... metastases are not what I thought I would be thinking about... 😟
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