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Sick girl

CustardCustard Member Posts: 417
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Hey girls, Shirl is not well and been through a helluva lot lately. Pity we are all so far away but we sent her our love and best wishes, don't we?

The good thing is that Shirl is home from hospital and it wasn't cancer related but she will be a little incapacitated for a few months.. she will find that very frustrating!

Anyway wanted to spread the word to the sisterhood! We hope to have a few laughs in Sydney in October. xx


  • Leonie MooreLeonie Moore Member Posts: 1,470
    edited March 2015

    Hi Mandy, Yes I have been in contact with our Shirl.  She has had a tough time and we know she is tough but like the rest of us she as a vunerable side too.  I hope she has a speedy recovery. XLeonie

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