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Fear of exercise

Claudia79Claudia79 Member Posts: 23
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dear ladies, I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. I went through chemo, double mastectomy and reconstruction with implants all in 2 years n finally my body n my mind is feeling ready to start to live again as before ... but all those ideas r bombarding my mind of what to do n what not to do in order not to damage myself 
I would love to do boxing (I need to get some relief n punching a bag I guess is the go hehehe) but would I be able to do it? Any of you have done it?
what are the NOs in terms of exercise that I need to avoid??
i only know that planks r out but the rest??? 
Please , let me know your experiences 
love and regards 


  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,941
    I haven't had reconstruction so I'm not sure what the rules are about that.  Are you on any hormone therapy that may compromise bone density as that would be something else to be concerned about?  Generally, I think you need to work up slowly if you haven't been doing much but as to what you can do...  I would suggest that you see an exercise physiologist who knows about cancer treatment to be sure.  Boxing sounds great fun - rowing, etc is good but I'm not sure what the difference between pulling and pushing would be.  Hopefully, someone else can help with better info.
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 3,221
    I had similar recons in 2007. Mine went wrong from the start-litarally before I was discharged--, but that's another story.
    Within a year in was back chopping wood and wrestling yearling horses. Nothing seems to do more damage . I do get sore sometimes and struggle with lifting heavy things over my head. No one told me planks were out...not my strongest move but I do them. Side planks make me feel like my implants are going to shoot into my armpits (again) so I avoid those. 

    Do what  you want to. If you want to do boxing, do boxing. Wear a padded vest so no one smacks you in the foob (that hurts) if you want to spar. If you just want to beat up a bag, get into it! You all know if you go too far, just take it easy to start with. Mxx
  • MiraMira I live in my computer .... Member Posts: 678
    Hi Claudia,   everyone's bodies are different so it's best to get personalised information about what you can and can't do.  Even just one session with a trainer who is experienced in this area so they can ask the appropriate questions and test your abilities is really worth it.

    I only had a lumpectomy, but I remember my doctors face when I asked if I could go back to boxing after surgery.  Hehe, he was shocked and said he'd have to ask (he was an registrar).  I added …. "oh don't worry, I don't punch anyone or get punched".  So you may have to clarify with them.

    Boxing is awesome for focussing my mind and clearing my head.  I love it :smile:
  • Claudia79Claudia79 Member Posts: 23
    @Mira @Zoffiel @Sister Thanks for your response and support... I found a place where to do it but I’m going to have a talk to the owner so I can start easy n slowly (not planning to go all the way to olympics) .
    I’ll let you know how I feel 😘
  • youngdogmumyoungdogmum Member Posts: 249
    I haven't had recon yet but after my mastectomy and dissection I worked with a physio at the hospital to grade up to lifting small weights etc and then was basically encouraged to do as much as I physically could tolerate. 
    Curious if you had implants and not DIEP/TRAM why planking is considered not appropriate? Am I missing something? I'm doing planks (am I not meant to ha ha!) my nurse brain can't put it together. 

    It is very personal and the best person to see if you feel overwhelmed still would be anexercise physioglost I imagine. Enjoy the punches!! Don't be afraid to exercise to whatever you can tolerate/safe :) 
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 3,221
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    I can understand why planks/push ups may not be a great idea. That's in hind sight. 
    The implants, in my case, are inserted under my pec muscles. No mesh or  anything in those days I was a hay carting, tug-of-war winning gym junky when my expanders went in. I could do 50 push ups before I got bored. Lots of pec.

    Two days after I'd had them inserted I shot the first one through the incision into my armpit. The second one followed a few weeks later. That was so unusual it wasn't really recognised by the minions in charge over the Xmas break. I got sent home with them just under my skin. Creepy doesn't start to describe that experience. My local BCN  took some pics which I sent to my primary surgeon who was on holidays . He hot footed it home and performed the first of several revisions.

    Some moves contract your pecs. I never gave that any thought, but I've since squeezed them out, or up, or down two more times. They are now well and truly encapsulated and seem to be stuck in place. Not pretty or comfortable, but they are now relatively stable. Mxx
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,408
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    I have had implant reconstruction and was told that there was no restrictions for myself. Yes the muscles tighten over the implant but after a couple of years you should have a well formed pocket. Until I had shoulder issues I was doing body pump and some swimming. Crap at pushups though...but it turns out my bursitis may have been an issue with this. Start slowly...build gradually and all should be good.
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,941
    That's brilliant @Claudia79.  It's great to find something that gives you joy.  One thing I learned on the weekend is that it's more important now to make sure you do your cool down sets.  Using the muscles in exercise helps the lymphatic system but you need to bring it down slowly afterwards.
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