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  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,400
    I had invasive breast cancer just inside stage one...high grade. Her2+ and Es+. My mammogram  was all clear 5 weeks prior myself finding a lump. 
    I have a family history of breast cancer but no gene linked to myself. I was a 14E breast which were dense.
    I chose a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expander reconstruction. My nipple on the effected side was too close to save so I opted not to attempt to save. It was my surgeons suggestion for this surgery.

    I do miss my breasts. I am happy with my decision...occasionally I fantasize about a diep reconstruction. ..but it's more about the tummy being removed than the need for better breasts...lol.

    I had nipple reconstruction last year and have still to get a tattoo. I feel no rush to do this. Now I have a nipple my breasts look like breasts and I focus much less on them now than before..

    If you join the reconstruction group there are photo stories of the various surgical options.
  • JudithmJudithm Member Posts: 16
    edited April 2019
    Thank you @primek for your response.  This helps.  I emailed to join the reconstruction group 8 days ago and haven't noticed any email with acceptance as yet. I may apply again in case being new to this site I may not have done it correctly.   
  • Carissa_BCNACarissa_BCNA Administrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 69
    Hi @Judithm I've just sent you an invitation to join the breast reconstruction group. If you have any issues, or didn't receive the notification to join please let us know.
  • SdenmSdenm Member Posts: 1
    Hello @Judithm I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS in November last year from my first ever mammogram at 42 years old. I had a lumpectomy in December then was due to have radiation in January. They didn’t get a clear enough margin so more surgery is needed. Due to family history, my age and having 2 young children I’ve opted to have a double mastectomy with tram flap reconstruction in August. I’m having it done at the Mater in Brisbane. It’s such a confusing and stressful time. I found it very helpful reading posts from this forum. Best of luck with your decision. 
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