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Statistical evidence AC Taxolin radiation

Megs04Megs04 AdelaideMember Posts: 47
Hi all can anyone provide evidence with percentage of success non return. I have her2positive. I really want to know my suff before enduring more of this. It is very difficult to justify this intense level of treatment blindly as i have been subjected to already.


  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,966
    Hi Megs04
    I am not sure if anyone can give you a clear figure - a lot depends on the very specific nature of your diagnosis and your individual responses. If it helps, I had A/C, Taxol, herceptin and hormonal therapy and am 6 years clear so far.  Best wishes
  • AllyJayAllyJay Member Posts: 629

    Hi @megs04. I'm now 60 and her2 pos. Diagnosed 2016 with triple positive her2 pos stage 3 grade 3 with 1 node positive. So basically a bee's dick away from total mayhem. Finished 4 x ac...12 x Paclitaxel and 17 x Herceptin. Bilateral mastectomy with node clearance on the left and sentinal node on the right. As Afraser says, much depends on your type, stage and grade of cancer as well as if nodes were involved. Unfortunately in this shitfest, there are no guarantees. All we can hope for is the best outcome and that we come out the other end with a body and mind which still function. After all, the alternative is not so flash. As one of our group says so well..."it's better than looking at the lid". I have a number of other serious medical conditions and these may well have contributed to the difficulties and problems i had through treatment. I 'm explaining this as i don't want to scare the shit out of those just starting treatment. During my six months of chemo, i spent a total of 56 days and nights in hospital. I plodded on. Then came the big chop and this resulted in me enjoying the hospitality of ICU for 11 days and nights and then a further two weeks on the surgical ward. I plodded on. I now do my plodding with a four wheeled granny walker due to neuropathy and balance issues. I'm not an Oncologist and I don't even like mine...I call her The Ice Princess. I do however trust her knowledge and that of the whole team. I'm also not an electrician, so if I was building a house, I wouldn't be standing there and telling the Sparky "I'm sure we don't need that doohicky over there, and as for those watchermacallits over there...I think you're ripping me off. Just take that wire over there. whack it it here, and we'll be good to go". I realise I'm being simplistic, but these people know what they're doing. We have to trust them. Not blind trust mind you...ask, ask, and ask again if necessary or even ask for a second opinion...from another oncologist...not dear old Dr Google or the lady down the road. Do I have any regrets? No...I'd do it all again if it extends my life to enjoy with my family.

  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,124
    Sorry that you have to go through this however all treatment is tailored to the individual. 

    Not sure what research you may have done but here's a couple of links from the BCNA website 

    As to recurrence well who knows.  The idea of treatment is to kill off any stray cells and sometimes it makes you feel like crap

    Hope you feel better soon




  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,592
    @Megs04 For the stats, your onc should be able to tell you what the (approx) percentage is for your particular type and stage.  But do remember that stats are not you.  Someone is going to fall in the good side and someone is going to fall in the bad side.  So, we do what we do based on those stats, hoping that it'll work out okay for us.  I would give up Letrozole tomorrow except that I'm hoping that I fall in the 70% non-recurrence side not the 30% for whom it doesn't work.  Whether I continue it past 5 years (if that is indicated), I will decide then.
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