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Mattress topper recommendations?

LvlwLvlw Member Posts: 52
Hi, my med onc has recommended that I get an 'eggshell' mattress topper to help with aches and pains from chemo-induced menopause and side effects of Tamoxifen. I'm having a DIEP recon in May so would be happy to invest in a good one. Thanx! 😊 (I did a little search on here and couldn't find any threads about this, but please direct me if there are!) 


  • Annie CAnnie C Member Posts: 714
    Hello  @ Lvlw
    I bought an eggshell mattress topper from Target. It was not expensive, around $40 for a queen size one.

    I wanted to try an economical one (read "scunge") before I lashed out and bought an expensive one, just in case it did not work.

    Well it works and I won't be lashing out and buying an expensive one as it works.

    I find that the eggshell indentations cushion my joints and I also do not suffer as much from night sweats.

    The air seems to circulate. I live in a hot humid climate and although I use airconditioning 24 hours a day,  prior to buying the topper I was often drenched in night sweats. No longer.

    My only grizzle - makes bed making bloody hard. I solved that problem recently by buying king size fitted sheets to go on a queen size bed. Easy bedmaking now. 

    All the best for your continuing treatment.
    Warm Kimberley wishes to you.

  • LvlwLvlw Member Posts: 52
    thanks @Annie C - great to know! i would have been happy investing, but i could really do with a cheaper option as treatment has taking it's $$ toll!

    i was hoping that air circulation would be a benefit  :D i had also worried it would mean bed-making was hard-work. but i'll take that for the comfort! thanks again!!!

    sending cool sydney breeze to you in Kimberley!

  • Annie CAnnie C Member Posts: 714
    I will take your cool Sydney breezes, many thanks. We have just had an afternoon downpour. I won't be going outside now. The humidity will be horrendous.

    Initially I too was happy to invest in a good topper, however my purchasing options were very limitted. Broome is my closest town (220kms away) with only Target and Clarke Rubber as the available stores. As much as I love internet shopping not being able to feel the topper put me off. 

    Well Clarke Rubber did not have any (oh we are currently out of stock - the joys of a Kimberley Shopping Experience) so Target it was. I was pleasantly surprised.

    The topper will probably last 12 to 18 months, given that it is eggshell foam and with our humidity nothing lasts, so I expect to have to replace it early next year.  However worth a go.

    I do understand the $$$$$$ aspect of BC. My follow up appointments in Perth usually require a week by the time I have flown down, had the scans, appointments and flown back. There goes $1,000 over and above what I am reinbursed. More than I get in age pension.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,727
    WOW!  @Annie C .. we started off with the cheapie and it ‘flattened’ pretty quickly, so we upgraded to the Clarke rubber one that was more robust and put them in both our camper and our queen bed and had them for at least 10 years now!  I can’t imagine sleeping without them now.

    good luck @Lvlw ... I hope you find one that suits you 

  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,392
    I bought this one a few years ago. Still going good and I can just wash parts of it without the inserts, not the whole thing. https://www.pillowtalk.com.au/pillowtalk/en/Categories/Bedroom/Mattress-Toppers-&-Overlays/Hotel-&-Home-Superior-Mattress-Topper/p/HILBHHSMT15
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,727
    WOW!  That one looks AWESOME, @Brenda5 - MUCH better than the Kmart Special!

  • LvlwLvlw Member Posts: 52
    thanks for your recs @arpie and @Brenda5 !!  :)  I'll take a look xx

    @Annie C - gosh, a lot of logistical planning and travelling for you as well as the expense!! i'm very fortunate that i'm so close to my specialists and hospitals and could get a bus to chemo & radio (we don't need a car unless we go out of the city). it must have been another level of stress co-ordinating your treatment remotely and then attending. 

    good idea not to go out in the humidity! since treatment any extreme heat or humidity just zaps my energy - i'm like the witch in the wizard of oz!  :D:D

    i hope it's a bit more pleasant today. i've never been to the kimberley but it looks stunning!

    thanks for sharing. Lxx

  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,325
    We hot ours online but I think it was a cheapie. Best ever investment.
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