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Hi everyone in particular to @Merv, I do hope you have bought that camera and send us some photos, @sister,@afraser,
so, it has been a few days since I received all of your lovely messages, and I have needed that time to just step back from bcna,and enjoy these precious days, I bought some lovely bits and pieces from a gift shop and a new dress!! went and had a coffee with a girlfriend, oh the joy, to sit and enjoy the company of a friend, whilst overlooking the ocean,I had my first weekly blood test yesterday and had to ring the oncology unit this morning to get the okay to take the next lot of capsules, my bloods were good, so have taken the tablets, so before they take effect I just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you, this path that we travel is hard and there are a lot of pot holes along the way, but we do not realize how strong we are until we have to dig deep and its there,it just takes a crappy disease like cancer for us to find it, so my partner is just going shopping to get tea for tonight, he will be cooking for the next 3 days, then on Monday all being well I will be back on deck to give him a break,enjoy the weekend, especially the cooler weather and I know that we all have the flood victims of Qld in our thoughts.


  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,871
    I know this gets used a lot but you're an inspiration @Wendy55. You truly do inspire me. Thank you. K xox
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,258
    Wendy55 Thank  you for continually sharing with us it helps those who come after us find information and know that someone else did this so can I ...
    May the next 3 days be less crappy than expected and may the drugs be doing what they need to...  

    thank you 
    Soldiercrab aka Alice 

  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,084
    Your post today is so uplifting to read and to know those potholes are only a nuisance. Alice summed it up so well 
    Sending positive vibes
    Take care x
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