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    My post should read. ..we often take for granted....not one toom...really? I can't figure out how those typos happen. 
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    Hello @ChristyT welcome to the online network.  Understandably you are feeling overwhelmed.  Try as much as possible to take it one step at a time and accept any offers of help.  Dont hesitate to call the helpline on 1800 500 258 if you would like to speak with one of the cancer nurses for support or information. Take care of you over the weeekend.
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    Below are a couple of links to help you find your way around the forum and also how to find a breast care nurse and how to order a MY journey Kit if you haven't got one yet. 

    It can be a whirlwind when we first get a diagnosed.... Breathe and take it one step at a time. 

    How to post on the main forum – use this link to get to the main forum and begin a new post. https://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/post/discussion


    Navigating the online community formerly the what and how thread.


    Breast Care Nurses


    My Journey online tool and other resources. 


    BCNA Helpline 1800 500 258

    If you have any questions, concerns or require any further information or support please call 1800 500 258. BCNA’s helpline will now be open from 9am-6pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 5pm Fridays.  


    How to understand your pathology reports


  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,580
    How are you going, @ChristyT ?   I hope you are going OK xx

  • ChristyTChristyT Geelong, VicMember Posts: 8
    Thanks @arpie I have been doing much better. I found the best way for me to deal with future treatment is to put each thing into an imaginary box and pop it to the side. I know it’s there but don’t have to open that box yet. 
    My redpobse to chemo had been pretty good really. Apart from being tired I feel back to myself after 8 days which leaves me hopeful. 
    Any tips for what feels like ulcers in my throat? Salt water gargle won’t quite reach. 
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,580
    Sorry to hear about the ulcers @ChristyT ..... I think you'd need something a bit better than salt water?   Have you got any Sore Throat lozenges to suck on as well?  The slightly medicated ones? As you swallow the dissolved bits - they will coat the ulcer & should bring relief.

    I didn't have chemo, but I went to the "Discussion'' page & put 'ulcers in throat' and this thread popped up that may be able to help you?

    @Sister - did you ever get throat ulcers during chemo - any tips?

    Don't forget to drink HEAPS of water after each chemo session - it will help flush it out of your system quicker.   Yes, my husband felt really tired at about day 3-4 after chemo then came good after a few more days.

    Take care xxxx
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,387
    Good thinking @ChristieT, deal with things when you have to, not ahead of time. Half the things that can keep you awake at night may never happen! Water after chemo is recommended but I confess I didn't overdo it - I wanted to make sure it was doing its job before exiting🙂! Best wishes.
  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,826
    Hi @ ChristyT  I had atrocious mouth ulcers, aloe vera juice worked a treat for me. Gargle or drink. Purchase from special foods aisle at supermarket.
  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,826
    Hi Christy, how are things?Is it working out with your support persons and the children?
  • Louise JLouise J Member Posts: 33
    Hi @Blossom1961 didnt know.about aloe Vera juice! Had them for 5 weeks after 5th round of E/C ...tried just about everything else and oncologist said they will go away with time but it was awful to have a constant sore throat. I hope you find some relief with the ulcers Christie.. try the aloe Vera juice as Blossom suggested. 
  • ChristyTChristyT Geelong, VicMember Posts: 8
    Hi there 
    thanks for the advice. The ulcers seem to have cleared on their own. I have been drinking a lot of water with lemon and a touch of salt so maybe this helped. 
    I had round 2 of EC on Friday and so far so good. The nausea seems to hit me worst about 4 hours after infusions and then the aches from the PEG injection about 3 days later sees me hunched over and shuffling like an old woman! But really I have been pretty lucky so far. 
    Thanks ladies hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. 
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