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Blister, pop it or not?

Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,407

It has been nearly 2.5yrs since chemo and I have been trying really hard to get out of this lethargic funk I am in and get on with life but everything I do seems to have consequences.

Fishing and kayaking brought on a rapid heartbeat and now I take beta blockers to slow my heart rate down. Getting used to the pills was hard as they make me sleepy but I am fighting it. They also, together with Tamoxifen seem to be really bad for packing on the weight. I don’t have to indulge in eating, the weight just goes on all by itself.

Day before yesterday I thought I would try a 5km there and 5km back walk on the beach. I took plenty of water and a phone in case I keeled over and took my time and I did it. Side effect is the wind blew my tank top around and I got sunburned anywhere exposed which my sunscreen didn’t hit. No biggie. I was elated, I can do this! The weight is going to go this time.

Yesterday I thought I would try another 5km there and 5km back at low tide out to the 5km marker buoy. Yes, our tide really does go out 5km and it’s a sand bank all the way out on low tide. I put on a button up long sleeve shirt this time so no sunburn. I put on my soft slipper like shoes for the sand as my toes turn really red when walking due to Tamoxifen or a lasting chemo effect. Anyway, there was a bit of wading in knee deep to get out there but I thought the salt water might help my big toe nails get over this receding nail bed. Not sure why I have that happening.  I made it out there with time to spare to do a bit of fishing before I had to head back before the tide cut me off from land.

I caught the world’s smallest flathead. I should have had a camera as you wouldn’t believe this game little thing which had almost sucked my bait off the hook. I released him and got home ok. Now I have a blister on my foot. No, not on the heel or the side of a toe like normal people. Its underneath on the ball of my foot. I thought it might have gone down this morning but its still huge and sticking out. I tried to google what to do but there seems to be conflicting ideas. Pop it or not?



  • DearBDearB Member Posts: 205
    Wow awesome efforts.  Re the blister I Think don’t pop it that can lead to a infection. Maybe a bath or foot soak ?  
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,407
    Thanks @DearB, I put some epsoms salts in a bucket of warm water and have my foot soaking in it. Hopefully the swelling will go down so I can walk properly.
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,540
    Sad face for the blister @Brenda5,  but yeeha to the rest of it.  Good on you.  xoxox

    p.s.  I always pop blisters...cant' help myself :)
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,510
    The fluid round the blister is designed to help healing. So if you can leave it, probably good. But if you need to pop it, just make sure you have well and truly treated it to prevent any infection. 
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,407
    I did end up popping it so I could walk again. A bit of throbbing kept me awake last night but apart from that I think it's coming good.
    I hobbled across the road last night to the breach fishing and caught 4 whiting. 
    It was a huge high tide and it chased me on my chair high on the beach up into the grassed area. At one stage it washed out the front legs of my chair which caused me to topple forward grabbing my worm packet and headlamp to stop them falling in the water and I got that blister foot wet but it was ok.
    Glorious looking morning for kayaking today but my energy levels atm aren't up to it. 
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 4,883
    edited August 2018
    Well done YOU!   I couldn't (make that 'wouldn't) walk 5km if I tried!  ;)   Shame about the blister tho .... you may have got a bit of sand in your shoe that contributed!  Just make sure none gets INTO it now that you've popped it.

    What a pain about the weight gain!  :(   Good on you for getting out & about to rectify it.  It will be Good for body and soul!  xx

    I'd be wary of popping them in the future tho - the fluid usually reabsorbs in a couple of days - tho I can understand if it was 'really proud' - it would be a pain in the bum!  Sometimes a Bunion Bandage (a circle with a hole in it) helps with taking the pressure off the actual blister .... a tad uncomfy but not as bad as walking on the blister!

    That poor flathead - was seeking attention, I reckon!  Well done on the whiting - edible sizes I hope!! Mind you, I always put mine back!!  Looking forward to seeing down my way some day (I have a spare kayak so no need to bring one ......)  You'd LOVE my backyard, I reckon!!  xx

    It is REALLY windy down here just now - so no chance of getting out in the yak, sadly   :(   Then I am tied up with Uke gigs from Mon thru Wed ..... so hope to get out again on Thurs/Fri if it isn't windy.

    Make sure you factor in plenty of rests in-between your 'outings' .... don't overdo it xx
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