More about the budget

With the focus on the big win for ribociclib, we missed some of the other wins in the budget including funding for 3d mammography which has been discussed quite a bit in the network recently.
Here is a link to a BCNA piece on the bits of the budget that might be of interest to you


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    This is awesome news about 3D mammography 
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    @SoldierCrab Isn't it?! When I went for my mammogram early last November I signed up to be part of a study in the efficacy of 3D vs regular mammograms. I was randomly assigned to the regular group. When I was called back three weeks later , the first thing they did was give me a 3D one. I thought that spoke volumes.
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    @Joannie No, the anomaly was found using regular mammography.
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    Good to see that there is more funding for the public hospital system and that BCNA will be strongly advocating to reduce waiting times for women requiring breast reconstruction. I'm also pleased to see the investment towards palliative care services. Seeing my dad well looked after by a great (but very stretched) regional specialist palliative service was of great comfort to us in his final weeks.