What pets do you have?



  • iserbrown
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    Oh wow!  A rescue dog is just wonderful!
  • smokie08
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    What a cute dog.  

    The cats are beautiful as well!!
  • SoldierCrab
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    Bhaha Kmakm

  • Romla
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    And hopefully better days will be back soon.TBh the most empathetic member of my household is Harry my 10 year old mini schnauzer.
  • PatsyN
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    @Tennille We too had a bearded dragon in the family. He lived in a big glass fishtank in my daughter's room and we fed him live crickets from the petshop down the road. They stayed sleepy in the fridge but my daughter was always dropping a few and during the night the sound of crickets throughout the house drove me crazy. Beardie, as we called him, had to move outside. We lost him when he was out for his daily exercise. There were sightings of him around Mullumbimby for months but we never got him back. He was very communicative for a lizard...
  • jennyss
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    Dear @PatsyN , Remy with the fringe - that gave me a good laugh. He is a senior dog by the look of his muzzle. And you on Blackie - wow. I see you have boots on; do you live in tick country?
  • PatsyN
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    @Zoffiel You look like the queen when she was in her younger days. No wonder you feel like her up there. Where are the corgis? Women's Weekly would surely have published something similar back in the day. Horsey photos can be so difficult to date. There's nothing in that photo to give one a hint of what year it might be.
    So be the Queen!
    She certainly would be lucky to have that beautiful horse, Arab, I presume.
  • PatsyN
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    @jennyss I've never lived anywhere but tick and leach territories.
    I have a few friends with Lymes disease (I'd rather have BC).
    Also the mozzies here are shocking. I've had Barmah Forest Virus, like many others and Ross River Fever is rampant.
    My horse has Qld itch and the dog is allergic to grass seeds.
    But now that I have moved to the beach with a house built on sand, midges have become by biggest enemy!
  • Zoffiel
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    17.1 thoroughbred @PatsyN He's an interesting animal; wasn't bred to think, but never mind.