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Hi lovely ladies. ...Just wondering if anyone has had a bc recurrence within the first 18mths of surgery and treatment....It has been13mths since my surgery and 10mths since my radiation treatment. For about 3weeks now I have had intermittent pain in an area in my chest above where one of my two cancers were. I also have a lot of pain, when it does come, along my scar line and in the inner part of my armpit. I am a little worried at the moment even though I tell myself it is nothing. I know we all worry. Oh I had a DCIS cancer and an invasive cancer in the left breast and had a partial mastectomy and 5 weeks of radiation and a sentinel node removed.


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    @Angel61 I have had a recurrence but at the 4yr mark, and it was painless growing in my scar tissue from the lumpectomy 4yrs before. It's not unusual to have pain to be honest post surgery for some time and also radiation. It sounds like it's due to those things as nerve endings particularly in the armpit hurt for a long time after. You could always check with your Breast Surgeon or Oncologist or even Breast Care Nurse if you have concerns. 

    I recall after radiation in 2011 after about a year or so I too had chest pain which turned into back pain, really weird, turns out it caused constant cramping in my upper body and still til this day. I couldnt have rads in 2015 at recurrence as you can only have it once. But radiation created alot of pain post for me and unfortunately chemo adds to it as it shrinks the sheath over the muscles so causes constant cramping throughout my body. Magnesium is excellent for it which I take daily for 2yrs but as my GP said, the damage is too extensive for relief.

    Definitely contact your professionals for peace of mind. Hugs Melinda xo
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    For general peace of mind, have it checked out. No-one will think you are anything other than sensible. Once you have crossed the line, the happy thought that cancer will never happen to you just isn't there any more. The worry is natural, but ending it by checking is the answer. I found a lump before I had even finished chemo! Instant panic. But it only took a few days to find out what it was - unusual, but harmless, benign and unconnected. Best wishes. 
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    Thank you ladies.....I take magnesium daily as well vitamin C powder and krill oil. I think the reason I got worried was that 3mths prior to being diagnosed with bc, I had this annoying discomfort/low grade pain in exactly the same place on my chest as I do now. The pain I have now isn't nerve pain....it's just gets really sore.....but as you said, Melclarity.....the radiation does terrible things to our tissue....muscles etc.
    Afraser....you are right in saying that the thought of cancer not coming back just isn't there anymore. That thought does rear it's head often but that is a normal fear we have....xxxxx
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    It could well be scar tissue that's pulling but as always have things checked. Sometimes laser can help improve things if tbat is tbe cause. 
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    For reassurance have it checked @Angel61. Sensible thing. I remember going to the GP because I had found a small lump, and thought I'd be shoo-ed out of the GP surgery. I said ," I know it' won't be anything,  but..... "
    ..... It was  something.  
    If you've got a new pain, have it checked. Xx
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    Thank you primek and Finch.....I will get it checked out....I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday.....it isn't for this issue but I will discuss it with her.  <3
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    Thank you mum2jj......I saw my Dr and all is good....It was scar tissue. Pain is contractures from surgery. I'm so pleased you got through the worst part of the BC merry-go-round......7 years clear is just wonderful.xxxx
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    Excellent news @Angel61! So pleased for you  :)
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    Brilliant news @Angel61
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    Excellent to hear @Angel61
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    Good news, @Angel61
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    Thank you ladies for your support <3
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    @melclarity you’re looking great!