What pets do you have?



  • Afraser
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    Even the late Dr Hugh Wirth was dubious about keeping any dog of the greyhound species off a couch! Our still missed whippet was perfectly clear that his bony frame needed padding and lots of it! 
  • Tennille
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    2 dogs, 4 cats, 1 ferret and 2 bearded dragons
  • kmakm
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    Impressive @Tennille!
  • Sister
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    @Tennille You're living the dream.  I begged my parents for a ferret but my Dad hated them (his uncle kept a lot of them for rabbiting and Dad made the mistake of teasing one when he was a kid)  Would also love more cats, a dog and a beardie. 
  • smokie08
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    Don't think i have done that quite right !!!!! Don't really know what i am doing  can someone please let me know what to do i looked on the how to thread and tried to do what it said but must have got it wrong DOH!!!
  • SoldierCrab
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    this is Smokie ....  @smokie08 fur baby 
  • SoldierCrab
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    @smokie08  click on the little picture it says attach image ^^^ then find image in your computer when it pops up to look then say open 
  • smokie08
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    Thank you @SoldierCrab i think I am a bit technology  challenged  will try again  sometime  with another picture