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mixed emotions coming home. Whistler Canada was like a fairytale land. The cold agreed with me the lymphodema stayed under control and the swelling on the flight was no more than a hot day here at home I was certainly glad I didn’t have to suffer that lot. Left Sydney on a 45 degree day and arrived in. Whistler to a low of -3 to about 2 most days. The Wedding was spectacular seeing them marry where they met at the stone circle in a sprinkling of snow. And after the ceremony they snow boarded down the mountain in their wedding gear. 
If only I could afford to go back. I would spend every summer there. LA was different and Disney fun but was a bit disappointed the best parts were closed for maintenance. 
At least while I was away it was like the last few years hadn’t happened 
but now I’m back and nothing has changed. Same struggles. 
Oh well reality bites and I will soldier on. 
Next is to get some real hours back at work. If there are any available 



  • socodasocoda LeumeahMember Posts: 1,691
    Hey @cranky_granny excellent you had such a wonderful time. Xx 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,406
    It sounds magical. And something to aim for again. 
  • cranky_grannycranky_granny Penrith NSWMember Posts: 95
    Thanks ladies and yes @primek it is a magical place. I hope by the time I save to go again I won’t have the stress to come home to. Kids I wonder why I let myself get suckered into this role. 
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