Radiation Done

TeejayTeejay BrisbaneMember Posts: 21
today is my last day of a Radiation.    January to now having treatment.   Hair starting to grow back is about 1 to 2 inches now.    What did others do to celebrate 


  • Summerhill38Summerhill38 VictoriaMember Posts: 731
    Hi @Teejay
    Wheeeeeee - good to end that treatment, eh ?
    I reckon you should treat yourself to something special.  In my case it would be some Clarins handcream or wash or something (but only if they have a freebie deal at the time).
    Go out on the town, buy a new outfit - whatever makes you happy.
    Hoping there are good times ahead for you.
    Summer   :)
  • MKitty68MKitty68 Member Posts: 261
    Congratulations TeeJay! 
    I have plans to dress up & go to a fancy cafe for High Tea with girlfriends - plan was to do this at the end of chemo, but it'll have to wait until after rads now due to lack of finances. 
  • Molly001Molly001 Member Posts: 416
    Cograts and well done. It's amazing what we can endure! Whatever you choose to do to celebrate, spoil yourself!!!
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,211
    I had a small trip away a few weeks later and bought myself a new car. I figured now I'm going to live I want to drive sonething nice.. Lol. Oh and a new handbag. 

    It took me a while to feel like I was done and a survivor.  I felt I just dragged myself over the finish line. 
  • LMK74LMK74 BrisbaneMember Posts: 674
    Hi Teejay, how good is it to finish treatment. I'm one week away from finishing radiation and then treatment done. Buy yourself something nice that makes you feel good or maybe a nice weekend away. I'm too buggered to even think that far lol. All  the best.
  • TeejayTeejay BrisbaneMember Posts: 21
    Thanks for all the thoughts.  I broke my ankle just before radiation and when I can walk again I might try and do some of these thoughts.   Thanks so much 
  • socodasocoda LeumeahMember Posts: 1,670
    Hey @Teejay ; Congratulations!!! That is fantastic. Why don't you decide on your immediate celebration and then also book a getaway through the OTIS Foundation! Free mini holiday and a getaway at the same time! Woohooooo!!! Now that's celebrating ;)  Wishing you a brilliant celebration. Please come back on and let us know what you have decided on. Big happy hug. Xx Cath
  • UnicornkissesUnicornkisses Central CoastMember Posts: 395
    Yay @Teejay, congratulations. Now you can just heal and recover.
    My husband and I went out for a celebratory lunch, though I was so burnt and bandaged up, I wasn't really feeling like celebrating, it seemed a bit of an anticlimax.
    I feel more like celebrating now, three weeks after finishing, I am pretty much healed, back to exercising and doing some things I enjoy and feeling great!!
  • MKitty68MKitty68 Member Posts: 261
    congratulations! Awesome news. 
    I'm only up to 5/25 later today. 
  • TeejayTeejay BrisbaneMember Posts: 21
    @MKitty68 it will go quick enough 
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