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Will you ever feel normal again? YES!

hbhb Member Posts: 112
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For anyone wondering whether they'll ever feel normal again...

Found a lump in January this year; mastectomy in March; diagnosed grade 3, stage 3 (tumour 65mm); chemo (8 sessions, April-August); radiotherapy (5 weeks, finished 01october).

Tomorrow: running 10km in the Race4Life here in Adelaide!


  • Stella Horse_MelStella Horse_Mel Member Posts: 15
    edited March 2015

    Being only diagnosed 5 weeks ago with surgery over and 1 round of chemo down (rest to go) it is so great to see such inspiration. I could never have run a 10km marathon before let alone after.

    Thank you

  • sillysam83sillysam83 West Gippsland Member Posts: 379
    edited March 2015

    WOW u r an amazing women, U GO GIRL!

  • hbhb Member Posts: 112
    edited March 2015

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your responses! It was a hot morning but a very pleasant run around the torrens in the centre of Adelaide. It took me an hour and 5 minutes to run around the 10km course. I was all overcome at the finish line, crying like a baby! There were so many people running in pink teeshirts commemorating people they've loved and lost to breast cancer, I guess it kinda got to me. Luckily my steadfast sister was waiting for me at the finish line with a hug and a hanky...

    Please, everyone, stay as active as you can through treatment. I'm sure it helped me cope.

    Go well,

    Heather xxx

    edited March 2015

    Hi Heather, good on you for running.  I am going for my 6th and last chemo on November 4th. I do think at times  will my life ever be normal and I guess you do just pick up as you feel better it goes hand in hand I suppose. I have taken time off work and look forward to going back next year. I am going to the forum at the winecentre in November are you going?  I have had coffee with one of the online girls that was really nice to chat to someone that understands the ups and downs. If you would like to meet or talk over the phone I am home most days if I can get out I do but its hard just going out everyday. The shops don't do it for me much. My phone no is 83441062 I live a Dudley Park so I pretty central.  Hope to hear from you soonxxxxJenny

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