Being young and single

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hi all just wanted to post something for the first time. 
I'm 30 and have stage 2 BC. Now with 8 rounds of chemo left and then a double mastectomy with Implants reconstruction's all a lot to take in at 30. 

Im studying to be a vet nurse and that's been put on hold until next year. And dating has also been on hold. Who wants to date the cancer chick right ? That's what I say about myself anyway! 

I really find it daunting to think how I could start a new relationship once I'm in remission and explain the cancer story plus to even show my new boobs is scary and nerve racking. And having to wear a wig for ages with no lashes and eyebrows is just a bonus isn't it. 

Anyone else feeling it too ? Just wanted to a little rant : )


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    Cancer really knocks confidence. It's a shitty disease. There are lots of ladies here of all ages who have found love after breast cancer.
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    Hi @Cynth6, I just wanted to say welcome! You are not a cancer chick, you are so much more. Cancer looms pretty large in your world at the moment, but there will be a time when your treatment has finished and your hair will grow back, your recon will be done and you will settle into your 'new normal'. Having said that, I'm sure that your wig looks brilliant. 

     Cancer will become part of your story, not all of it. I'm sure you'll meet someone who you have things in common with. You will probably meet that person when you least expect it! 

    I'm a bit older than you, but I was in a relationship when I got cancer and haven't got into another one since getting cancer. If I do, I will be honest but when to do that I haven't decided. There are some great resources from the Cancer Council around this topic. I am at the stage now where I've almost finished reconstruction and I'll look into dating. I still keep in touch with my ex, but I'm not going there again - he's trouble. :) Best of luck with your studies. 
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    Thanks @LucyE for sharing your story with me  :)
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    Hi Cynth6! I just joined this group after being diagnosed with bc in late June. Similar to yourself I am 30 and single, and completely understand where you are coming from regarding relationships in the future and how to go about the bc subject. I've just had my first chemo round and still gave my hair, although dealing with the change in my appearance will be the next challenge! Just taking it one day at a time. 

    Hope youre doing ok
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