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Hi Every one,

Have arrived back home after an exhausting but fulfilling trip to liaison training in Melbourne. I'm looking forward to getting started tomorrow, but first I have to feed the cats, unpack, do washing, water plants and ring my Mum.

Tomorrow I'm going to put up a BCNA display in the waiting room of the Pathology Lab that I work in and then still in work time I'm going to visit the Nurses at the Doctors surgery and give them some  BCNA pamphlets.

I've met some really lovely people at the Training and I hope to stay in contact with you all.


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    Hi Tonya,

    We love to hear from women interested in being more actively involved in raising awareness of breast cancer and support available through BCNA. To find out more about the program you can go to our 'speak out' section of our website:

    If you think the role is for you please fill in an application form and send it into us. When we plan trainings the first place we start is the applications we have received. We are planning another Community Liaison training this year but it isn't yet confirmed. What we do know is that we are looking to do a training for women living in metropolitan areas as we have focused our last three trainings on women living in rural and regional areas.

    If you have any questions about the role, the training or other ways to get involved please let me know.

    Janelle (BCNA Programs Coordinator)