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Calls to share your photo - "Is Bald Beautiful?"

chemostylechemostyle Member Posts: 150
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Is Bald Beautiful?  More photo please ...

Here is the link ...

ChemoStyle Photobucket


It is a private album for our BCNA members who are interested in sharing your "Is Bald Beautiful"  photos. 

Password:    pinkladies

Please feel free show us how you shine when the Sun is out ... and it is also okay to show us the rainy days  too.  As it is our little journey of life, that we all have in common....

Is Bald Beautiful?  I will let you be the judge ...



  • Di_BCNADi_BCNA I work at the BCNA office in CamberwellMember Posts: 976
    edited March 2015

    Hey Manda -- just thinking that if you want to post pics here, that would be fine.  If you'd like to keep them a bit private it would just be a matter of setting up a 'private' group, then only people who join the group would be able to see them. 

    If you want to talk over some options, then let me know -- otherwise feel free to set up a new group if you want (you can do that yourself from your 'my groups' page).  :)

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